“Alone Time” in Marion County: Places for Introverts to Recharge

After the hustle and bustle of festivals, picnics and parades this summer as you explore Marion County, you may find yourself feeling drained.

As an introvert, you may feel the call of the solitary, cajoling you to leave behind the busy streets and family meets and just relax, recharging your batteries for whatever comes next.

In Marion County, we have plenty of places for the introvert to unwind and come back to life. Check out these great options for alone time!

Snag a Dock

Rivesville Dock

For peace and quiet and a river breeze, head down to Rivesville town hall and check out the dock behind the building!

You’ll be able to sit on a bench or dip your feet in the Monongahela River as you watch boats and ducks glide by.

Other Docks

Rivesville doesn’t have a monopoly on docks in this county! See how many other docks you can find in the county lines for peace, quiet and poetic beauty on our rivers.

Catch the Wet

Kayak on West Fork RiverWest Fork River

For a one-person wet adventure, take a trip on the West Fork River in a kayak or a canoe! The watershed trail on this river is a fantastic place to float your small boat and breath in a natural cure for people overload!

Valley Falls State Park

Valley Falls State ParkTake a hike up to Valley Falls for breathless views and peaceful muses. Whether you decide to daringly kayak over the falls or dine in the forest for a one-person picnic, you can find plenty of peace to keep your mind and heart at ease. 


For a true fishing enthusiast, sometimes the best days are spontaneous trips with you, your pole and your bait.

Fishing at Curtisville Lake, Mannington WVIf you want a private date with a great catch, packup the gear and head out to Curtisville Lake or Guyses Run Fishing Park.

For even more privacy, get a fishing license from Main Street Trader in Mannington and head on down to the river for a fishing getaway afternoon!

Take a Hike

Rail Trails

For early morning sun and peace away from the sound of cars, head out to the Rail Trails of Marion County!

Trailhead at Pricketts Fort State ParkBy bike or by foot, take your time walking one of our two trails. This could be the MCTRAIL that includes the Pricketts Fort trailhead, the 1,200-foot-long Meredith Tunnel, and the Connector Trail or the West Fork River trail, but rest-assured, you will be refreshed by the view!

Explore the Past

Woodlawn Cemetery

For an adventure throughout the centuries, visit the historic Woodlawn Cemetery.

Woodlawn CemeteryYou can stroll at your own pace through history as you encounter the final resting places of Fairmont’s founding father Boaz Fleming, West Virginia’s father Francis Pierpont and his wife Julia and others who contributed to making Marion County great!

See if you can find the oldest grave this historical treasure has to offer!

Marion County Historical Society

Marion County Historical SocietySpeaking of history, head on down to the Historical Society any weekday from 10am-2pm to schedule a private tour of this historical landmine!

With collections ranging from the Revolutionary War to coal mining history, you’ll spend the time immersed in the past before emerging to reconnect with the present!

Marion County Genealogical Club

Spend some time searching out your own history at the Marion County Library’s genealogical room!

With volumes of census records, birth and death certificates, family histories and more, you can get lost in your ancestry and discover your lineage and more!

The room also boasts a computer, microfilm reader and coin-operated copy machine for research you want to take home to the family!

Read a Book

Kerri’s Korner Bookstore

Kerri's Korner BookstoreFor the ultimate immersion experience, travel to a distant land with a book from Kerri’s Korner Bookstore!

Whether you want to escape to space or a made-up place, Kerri’s has books of every genre available for your approval.

They also can order any book you want to read, so start dreaming big!

Marion County Libraries

With locations in Fairmont, Fairview, Mannington and on the Bookmobile, you never have to travel far for a good read for free!

The Marion County Library system is a treat you can enjoy from the quietness of the building or from the comfort of home with the eBook lending system.

Now books aren’t the only thing to enjoy from this special place! Movies, games and more can be streamed or rented for free.

So grab a cozy blanket and a bag of fresh popcorn and get to relaxing in your own special way!

Pick a Park

For a natural experience to recharge and read Thoreau or Whitman, pick any of our Marion County parks, both county and city operated!

Worthington Park

Worthington Park

Some highlights for solitude include the rustic forests of Morris Park or the rushing water of Worthington Park, but take some time to explore all the parks and what they have to offer!

Dent’s Run Wildlife Reservation

For hunting opportunities in season or a solitary shooting range experience check out the Wildlife Management area near Mannington.

Fishing, hunting and shooting in the great outdoors are all the “range” at this beautiful outdoor paradise. With over 1,000 acres to roam, you can get easy alone time and a story to bring home!

Pricketts Fort State Park

Pricketts Fort

Pricketts Fort

Rent a bike, take a hike or observe some birds at this state park!

From the bird-watching observation deck to classes in colonial cooking, you don’t have to endure city living when you take a trip back in time!

The peace and quiet of the olden days will beckon you back again and again!


Stretch it Out

Main Street Yoga

Pick up your mat and prepare to relax with either a yoga or pilates class from the new Main Street Yoga.

With classes ranging from the lunch hour to evenings, you will be sure to find peaceful people waiting to join you in your adventures in getting in focus and in shape!

Yoga in the Park

Yoga at Palatine ParkFor the outdoor enthusiast who also loves yoga, Palatine Park offers Yoga in the Park!

Join the rare crowd that will let you be by yourself as you sway and stretch, while seeing all the beauty surrounding you.

This calming experience will have you ready for whatever comes next in your day!

Shop History

Arts and Antiques Marketplace

Take some time to unwind and shop the spacious stalls of the Arts and Antiques Marketplace!

Arts & Antiques MarketplaceWith over 90 vendors of antiques, handmade furniture, artisan pieces and vintage finds, hours browsing through these hidden treasures may only feel like minutes!

Open seven days a week, this central location to downtown Fairmont is always an option to shop when you need some chill time! 

Sweet Memories Antique Mall

For ten years this seller has provided a blast from the past for interested antique buyers and browsers!

WIth a large collection of primitives, advertising, and glassware, along with a large military collection, this mall is made for those who love living with mementos from the past!

Take all the time you need at this friendly antique-land treat!

Grab Some Joe

Joe n’ Throw

After all this running around, you are probably ready for some real relaxation with a good strong cup of joe!

Joe N Throw coffee shopHead down to Joe n’ Throw for a quiet corner and a quality cup of coffee. With relaxing music and bookshelves filled with books to read while you relax away all the cares of the world.

Now that you are rested, rejuvenated and recovered all your energy, turn your attention to spending time in Marion County showing some love to the people you care about! Just don’t give up all of your secret spots!

Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis


So where do you find solace in Marion County?

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