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Amy Schumer’s film I Feel Pretty received mixed reviews while starting some thought-provoking conversations about beauty and, consequently, health. Although beauty should have very little to do with getting healthy, it’s a direct effect of eating well and getting active.

So, back to the movie. After Schumer’s character (Renee) goes to a spinning class, she hits her head and wakes up thinking she’s model-like.

‘I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be just undeniably pretty,’ Renee says to her friends at the beginning of the movie.

It’s an interesting quote and something to ponder. If you’ve ever wondered the same thing – or if you’re still pondering – Marion County can make that a reality.

So what’s the Marion plan?

Wine tasting at Mountain Dragon Mazery

Health Naturally: This is the place to begin any health – and thus, beauty – quest. Get a basic understanding of what eating well really look like. Plus, see what your diet is lacking using the Compass Health Assessment. Stock up on vitamins and herbal supplements after getting your groceries. Don’t forget to check out all the chemical-free beauty supplies: serums, lotions, soaps and more!

Country Creekside Market: This is the place to continue your venture for healthy meals. Just about all the foods – including the sweets (but you didn’t hear that from me) – are made by the Amish in and around West Virginia. These naturally made foods are great for a healthy diet and beautiful appearance.

Speedway Market: When you realize your body is in need of more fruits and veggies, this is the place to go. And if you decide to focus your diet on plants, you’ll find plenty of vegetarian items here. Don’t forget your West Virginia spring water – what could possibly be more refreshing?

Mountain Dragon Mazery: This is not a food, but it is helpful in the pursuit of health. The Mazery is the only maker of honey wine (mead) in Marion. Made by The Mazery’s own bees, the drink has vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Have your alcohol and drink it, too!

Health is physical, mental, emotional and so much more! Aside from ditching the sugar and eating well, there are a ton more ways we can improve our physical appearance by improving our mental and emotional health.  

One way to do this is to get active! While this may seem like a physical benefit – and indeed it is – it’s also a mental and emotional boost as well. Flood your brain with endorphins and your muscles with lactic acid for a better attitude, stronger body, and deeper sleep. Getting active is about health; it isn’t about punishment. So find what you love to do. Enjoy your life; enjoy your body; enjoy Marion.

Hess’s Gym: Try a boxing class, commit to Bootcamp and just enjoy the facilities!yoga pose

Main Street Yoga: No matter your strength or flexibility, Main Street has a class for both your mind and your body.

Health Plex: After using the equipment, head to the pool for some Aqua Zumba then hit the sauna to relax after a great day!

Outside: Maybe gyms and classes aren’t really your thing? That’s OK because there are plenty of other options. Ride your bikes on the rail trails, hike the trails or head to Valley Falls for mountain biking. Get your Vitamin D, work your muscles and improve your state of mind in one fell swoop.

Kerri’s Korner: Muscles aren’t the only parts of the body that need to be worked. Stimulate your mind and expand your understanding of the world. Reading keeps your mind healthy by increasing blood flow to the brain, improving memory and staving off dementia.

So those were the basics of getting happy, healthy and by association pretty. But there’s more you can do for your body and mind in Marion!

Spa Oasis: Get the Epsom salt glow here! Aside from massages and facials, you can float in a salt pod. This gives you your daily dose of magnesium (which the majority of Americans are deficient in). It allows your body to heal itself and reduces pain. And it’s incredibly relaxing! Get your beauty sleep here!

Just because Renee thought she was suddenly ‘undeniably pretty,’ she didn’t stop having fun with clothes and jewelry and makeup. She enjoyed her ‘new appearance.’ So go buy pretty things to match your pretty face!

lady getting her nails polishedTuscan Sun Spa: If you like makeup, nails, hair styling, jewelry and all the traditional feminine fun, then Tuscan Sun Spa is the way to go.

Savvy Consignment: Enjoy dressing your body in clothes from Savvy Consignment. Everything here is name brand and in great condition. Trust me, you’ll find something (or some things) here.

White’s Fine Jewelry: What’s a new outfit without some new jewelry? They keep up with the latest trends so you don’t have to.

Aside from learning the veggies you love, the activities you enjoy and the right style for you, there is one crucial thing to learn by the end of this health/beauty journey.

‘You just have all the confidence in the world. I think a lot of people completely miss that’s the thing that really makes them awesome.’ (Ethan – I Feel Pretty)

Once you have that confidence, your journey is pretty much complete. (Did you see what I did there? It was good, right?)

Where do you go to get your beauty on? 

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