11 Social Media Worthy Photo Shoot Locations in Marion County

There are many factors that go into a great photograph. The type of camera (or smartphone used), the time of day, the subjects/models . . . the list goes on and on.

Additionally, it is not only the subject matter in your frame, it’s everything else in the background that can make or break a great photograph.

From the natural to the quirky, Marion County has some great settings for any photo op.

Check out these 11 locations with distinctive backgrounds that will help you capture the perfect shot:


bride and groom

Valley Falls State Park is the perfect location for wedding photos













Valley Falls State Park
The beauty of the park is enhanced by the spectacular series of foaming falls which were created by the dark, rushing waters of the Tygart Valley River. The prevalent rock formation known as Connoquenessing Sandstone forms the cap of the falls over which the river plunges and swirls and appears both as ledges and huge room size boulders for over a mile down the narrow canyon floor.
You will also find a wooden gazebo overlooking the falls.


bride and groom

Marion County Courthouse








Marion County Courthouse Steps
The Marion County Courthouse is a Beaux-Arts style building is located at the intersection of Adams and Jefferson Streets in downtown Fairmont. Its massive size, marble columns, and wide steps make for a perfect background, especially for group pictures.


downtown Fairmont skyline

View of downtown Fairmont from the Visitor Center









Marion County Visitor Center
Once the Marion County Children’s Shelter, the Visitor Center sits majestically at the top of the Gateway Connector. Not only does the stone structure itself, along with the stone footbridge, lend itself to a great photo op, the view of downtown Fairmont is spectacular.


Wedding party at Pricketts Fort State Park

Wedding party at Pricketts Fort State Park








Pricketts Fort State Park
A visit to Pricketts Fort allows visitors a glimpse into the everyday life on the Western Virginia frontier during the 18th century. If you are lucky, not only will you capture the reconstructed refuge fort in your picture, but you might catch one of their costumed interpreters walking by. Or better yet, make a point to snap a selfie with one of them.


Wedding Party at Highgate Carriage House

Wedding Party at Highgate Carriage House








Highgate Carriage House
If you are seeking Old-World elegance for your photo shoot, then Highgate Carriage House is a must! This venue is modeled after medieval English structures and was named for the magnificent iron gates and fence surrounding the immense, multi-gabled mansion along with its carriage house and gardens.


kids on pump train

Train at Heston Farm Winery






Heston Farm Winery
The winery has plenty of unique shot spots. How about a pic with a raging bull? Or a quick snap with Pennzoil the Pig? There is no shortage of rustic farm animals to add some fun into your next photo shoot.


Family photo at Barrackville covered Bridge

Family photo at Barrackville Covered Bridge











Barrackville Covered Bridge
Built in 1853, this beautiful red covered bridge not only has a rich history, it is almost in its original condition. The bridge spans 145 feet across Buffalo Creek and is the perfect setting for photos anytime of the year, but is especially beautiful in the fall.


metal miner at mini golf course

Big John at Coal Country Miniature Golf











Coal Country Miniature Golf
How often do you get to take a picture standing at the base of a 22-foot majestic metal coal miner? On constant rotation, Big John stands to watch over an 18-hole coal mining themed mini golf course. So really you get a two for one. You can snap a pic in front of Big John or any of the pieces of mine equipment and get a history lesson at the same time.


jail cell

Marion County Museum & Jail


Marion County Museum & Jail
Built in 1912, the museum once served as home to Marion County sheriffs. Now filled with rich artifacts dating back to the colonial period, the museum is open for tours. A unique feature of the museum is the jail that connects the sheriff’s home to the courthouse. You can image how many newly married couples, snap a few pics of themselves in a cell. This falls in line with the “ball and chain” sense of humor.


The Poky Dot

The Poky Dot








The Poky Dot
Just check out your social media feed and you will see that people come from far and wide to snap a selfie with some of The Poky Dot’s more “famous” dishes. Their iconic banana splits and He-Man Breakfast are the first to come to mind. In addition to their colorful background, you might want to include Marvin and Martha – their full-time inhabitants in your next shoot.


Palatine Park overlook

Palatine Park overlook







Palatine Park Overlook
Beautifully situated along the east bank of the Monongahela River, with the skyline of downtown Fairmont in the background, the overlook at Palatine Park frames pictures beautifully.


So whether you are capturing family vacation pictures, senior portraits, wedding photos or just a fun selfie, Marion County offers some one-of-a-kind backgrounds to make the moment unforgettable.


Where is your favorite place to snap a pic in Marion County? Share some of your more memorable ones in the comment section below. 

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