A Snow Day in Marion

It’s that time of year!

When boots are always necessary.
When scarves, hats, gloves and extra socks are a must.
When only snow tires and chains will get you from point a to point b.


But it’s also that time of year when…Hot Cocoa
School could be cancelled at a moment’s notice.
Snowball fights are perfect for letting loose.
Hot chocolate is the only thing that’ll warm you up.

Either way
There’s nothing you can do but accept it, embrace it, and revel in it!

Always be prepared.
Take an afternoon and get all the supplies you’ll need. You never know when the snow will stick!

  • Unexpected Finds– Stock up on locally made lip balm for before and during the snow fun, and locally made hand cream for after.
  • Savvy Consignment– Get high-end vests and coats for the snow fun. And big sweaters for warming up by the fire.
  • All Things Herbal – We both know that those kids won’t come in willingly, even if they’re frozen solid. You’ll have to bribe them with something! Get your arsenal of homemade marshmallows, organic cocoa, organic milk, homemade gluten-free brownies, and tea for the grownups.
  • Holiday BooksKerri’s Korner Bookstore– For when that snow gets too slushy or just too cold, grab a best seller, a Pulitzer, a Booker, or any kind you can think of. Search through new and well-loved books- two floors full! This might be the one place in Marion that literally has something for everyone!
  • Fabric and Foam– For a cozy fireside activity after all the snow fun, buy the perfect patterns at Fabric and Foam. No-sew blankets are easy projects for kids resulting in a no-trouble bedtime when the snow day is finally over.
  • Arts & Antiques Marketplace – In the event boredom does set in, go on a treasure hunt. You might even walk away with a few old board games. The rules will come back to you like riding a bike.

It’s time to put the preparation to use
Obviously, the snow day absolutely must begin in the snow. So many choices here!

  • Palatine Park
  • Hough Park
  • Morris Park
  • Mary Lou Retton Park
  • East Marion Park

Can’t get enough of the snow?
Kids and adults alike love making snow cream.

muffinAnd then, when you and the kids are tuckered out, tired, and flat-out fatigued, make a quick stop at Joe n’ Throw— muffins, cupcakes, coffee for the adults, and hot chocolate for the kids.


Not quite ready to hunker down by the fire?

You’ve played outside for hours on end, had the necessary seasonal drinks and desserts to boot. Now it’s time to for an exciting adventure, warm and sitting down of course, at Tygart Valley Cinemas.

  • Joy
  • Daddy’s Home
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Roadchip
  • Sisters
  • Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  • Concussion

It’s nearing the end of what is just about the best snow day ever, and all you’ve had to sustain yourselves through the snow is hot chocolate and warm desserts.

Get a warm meal!Poky Dot
The Poky Dot has kids food, fun food and fabulous food! Get an airplane full of food for the kiddos and breakfast for you. Then get something for the whole family to share, S’mores for Four!

For a real blast from the past DJ’s 50’s & 60’s Diner has the old fashioned fun and great food to top off all of those old tunes!

Snow Effects
It’s been a long day in the wonderful snow, but you might start to notice the toll of the winter air on your skin. Get an appointment at Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon for you and your little ones at Spa Piccola. Choose from an Olive Oil Body Scrub to hydrate those cells, a Heat Body Wrap to warm up, or Aveda Therapy Sugar Glow to get more sugar!

And when the day is done…14No Sew Tie Blanket
Think of it, watching the snow fall at the window, you’re nestled by the fire covered in your freshly made blanket. Exhausted

Debra Smith

Debra Smith

from the best snow day ever, just remembering all the best parts of the day as you a hold a cup of hot chocolate close and read a favorite holiday book to relax and lull you (and the kids!).

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