A Perfect Day In December

tables, chairs and supplies at a make your own pottery studio

This is the last of the Perfect Day blogs, the last of the Perfect Days in 2019! Of the decade!

Thus, this is a very important blog with far-reaching consequences. (Thus, the need for the word thus.)

December’s perfect day is obviously Christmas Day. But that’s too easy, so I’ll pick another one… Christmas Eve! Again, that’s so expected. 

Maybe Dec. 14? The Feast of The Seven Fishes as the Perfect Day? It’s also perfectly obvious. 

Instead of going for what everyone else would assume I’d pick as the Perfect Day, I’m going to march to my own little drummer boy beat (get it? It’s a Christmas song.). I’ll choose …. 

Dec. 20

First things first: A Christmas breakfast of something warm and sweet like scones, muffins, and cinnamon rolls – especially cinnamon rolls. Bakers Nook has all of this plus apple turnovers and cupcakes (basically a muffin just with some icing, right?)

To start one of my last Perfect Days of this decade, I’ll go on a Christmas hike. There’s nothing about this hike that will make it a specific Christmas hike because, let’s be honest, anywhere you’re walking in West Virginia in December can be called a Christmas hike. 

large rocks dusted with snow with bare trees and waterfalls in the background

Rail Trails are all around the county from Mary Lou Retton Park to West Fork River to Pricketts Fort. Take your pick, take your coat and go! (I hope it snows just a little bit, just enough to make it magical. Like Narnia!)

But if you prefer pavement, check out Morris Park. And if you prefer waterfalls, check out Valley Falls State Park. If there’s snow, both of these places would also be very Narnia-esque.

Another part of this Perfect Day is finally – finally! – buying an ornament I’ve wanted since last Christmas… I will go to the Marion County Historical Society today. Not for the history but for the ornaments. The ornaments are beautiful, unique and perfectly West Virginian (made here).

Comfort food is always the perfect addition to a perfect winter day. Wildflour has cheesy, homemade macaroni and cheese, grilled pimento sandwich, grilled peanut butter and jelly (or almond butter and jelly or Nutella and jelly!). Can’t forget the sweet bread pudding and the most seasonal drink of all, wassail.

Now that I’m full, it’s time to make dinner plans. I’ll run by Country Club Bakery for some perfect pepperoni rolls and maybe some Christmas pie or cookies. older members of the family sitting around the dinner table

I’ve gone places, I’ve bought things and now I want to do things! Christmas crafts at Mountain Creative it is! What better way to complete the decade than with a tyrannosaurus rex, gnome, painted in your own signature colors?

On a perfect day, you don’t just do things and go places, you see things and experience new things like I have no idea what I’m in for with Crystalline’s Christmas Spectacular. I know there will be lots of cookies and Christmas spirit  – plus musicians, singers, and dancers, but cookies are the main show in my opinion. 

Last but never least is a trip through Morris Park to see the Celebration of Lights. More than 450 light displays, Christmas music, and perfection. Check the calendar for dates, times and prices!

To top off the last perfect day of 2019? An evening in with pepperoni rolls, desserts and the Christmas movie of the decade: The Feast of The Seven Fishes.

What’s your idea of a perfect day in December?


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