7 Ways to Have a Perfect Day on April 11

glass of iced coffee with chocolate whipped cream

My perfect April day…

It’s not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket #namethatmovie

But the Perfect Day is also not April 25 (for those of you who can #namethatmovie). Instead, I looked at the calendar and voila! I discovered the Perfect Day!

Thursday, April 11, is not only going to be perfect, but productive.


I’ll wake up bright and early and run to the Joe n Throw. If the weather is how I think it should be – warm – I’ll probably get a nice cold brew with whole milk. Perfect!

Why the energy shot this morning?

Spring Cleaning!

I prepared in advance of this day with a quick stop at Kerri’s Korner Bookstore to get Marie Kondo’s The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. (Ordering is always an option there, too.) Apparently, cleaning is the cool new thing the kids are doin’ these days.

After a couple hours of Kondo-ing my life up – and my closets – I’ll need my lunch break. With my spring cleaning making my life lighter and my evening plans focusing on the like, I want a really healthy lunch. To Noteworthy Sweets I’ll go! Recent and noteworthy creations have included trout almondine, creamy cucumber salad, fruit tarts, vegetable lasagna, sunshine salad and tons more. The menu changes everyday, but I know they’ll offer something delicious and, dare I say, perfect.


wooded area with sun coming through the trees

Fresh air sounds necessary after a morning of coffee, cleaning and cucumbers. Morris Park is 1.3 miles of trees with trails to meander off the beaten (concrete) path. A breath of cool, spring air freshly and locally produced by the trees I’ll be surrounded by sounds just … perfect.

A perfect day isn’t a perfect day unless there’s some shopping involved. I’m planning not only to declutter my house but to re-decorate. I’m thinking something that looks a little vintage, maybe with a bird or a bike. Something cute, but not country. No matter how specific and non-existent my ‘style’ may be, Craft Connection has decor for simple, confused (like me) or extravagant interior design.


3 tacos on a plate

Now, for the big reveal of my evening plans! Short Story Brewing and Street Food Kitchen have teamed up with WV Yoga Girl to offer yoga, beer and food in one convenient location. The $15 covers the cost of the class and a Short Story beer. I’ll probably get Woke Up Like This or maybe Two for the Show. (We’ll see how the yoga goes first.) Plus, Street Food Kitchen is offering 20% off food: huevos rancheros, swordfish tacos, Korean BBQ pork belly, fancy brusselsg sprouts and more – because their menu is always changing as more deliciousness becomes available!

If all goes as planned, I’d say this will be a relaxing yet productive perfect day.

Stay tuned as summer approaches – these perfect days will get sunnier, outdoorsier and probably perfecter, too!

What would it take for you to have a perfect day in April?


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