August 2:

August 2: Simplify Your Life Week

“Simplicity is the peak of civilization.” – Jessie Sampter

Modern life is fast paced, hectic, and demanding.  But what burdens are you placing on yourself as a result of high expectations, standards and commitments?  What if you could take a deep breath, step back, and make things a little less challenging?

Simplify Your Life Week promotes this attitude, and encourages you to turn things down a notch for your own benefit – stretch yourself, but make sure that you remember to relax and enjoy life in equal measures!

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“High-Five” to Simplifying…

Everyone asks me, “How can I simply my life?”  Well… it’s easier than you think.  Using my experience as a professional organizer of six years, a mom for ten years, and a woman for forty-(something) years, here are my top five answers…AND yes, they really work!

1. Stop buying so much stuff.  Yes, it is that simple.  Do not bring it into your home.  Live your life with less.

2. The Top Three.  Ask yourself these 3 questions:

a. “Do I NEED it?”

b. “Do I WANT it?”

c. Can I live without it?

3. One In, One-Out Rule.  If you bring one thing in, something else must go out of the house.

4. Donate.  Donate.  Donate.  Someone else NEEDS or WANTS the things that you are not using.

5. Plan—the night before.  Have everything lined up and ready to go.  Mornings will go so much more smoothly.

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