August 23:

August 23: National Sponge Cake Day

A sponge cake is a light-textured cake made of eggs, sugar and flour; there is no fat or leavening, but it is critical to beat air in at key stages of preparation.

It is baked in cake pans, tube pans or sheet pans; after it is baked, the airy cake is still flexible, and can be used to make rolled cakes such including Bûche de Noël. The basic sponge cake recipe is also used to make ladyfingers and madeleine; slices are also used instead of biscuits to make strawberry shortcake.

Since sponge cakes are not leavened with yeast, they are often enjoyed during Passover, made with matzo meal instead of wheat flour.

Sponge cake is very versatile cake and can be variously flavored and filled.

What is your favorite sponge cake filling?