August 9:

August 9: Book Lover’s Day

August 9th is Book Lover’s Day, a special day set aside for those who love to read books. Books educate, inform, inspire imagination and magically transport the reader to another time or place.

Celebrate this special day with a visit to Kerri’s Korner Bookstore, 1011 Speedway, Fairmont (304.363.BOOK). Or visit Kerri on the web at

Kerri’s Korner is a full-service bookstore selling both new and used books at a reasonable price. With over 20,000 books on their shelves, there is something for everybody!

Another way to celebrate is a visit to the library. Marion County has three public libraries located on Monroe Street in Fairmont, Main Street in Fairview and Clarksburg Street in Mannington.  Visit to see what’s new at the library and with the traveling Bookmobile.



Yesterday’s sandwich trivia answers:

Ruben: This classic deli sandwich can be served grilled or cold, and often comes with a side of Russian or Thousand Island dressing. Stories abound regarding the origins of this popular sandwich. Some say it was invented by a deli owner for the female lead in a Charlie Chaplin movie, while others believe this meaty marvel was created by a wholesale grocer during a poker game in Omaha.

Cuban: This Cuban variation on the ham and cheese was a common lunch item for workers in cigar factories and sugar mills in the early 1900s. The sandwich is often served hot, pressed on a flat grill

Shawarma is a popular fast-food dish that originated in the Middle East. Just like a rotisserie chicken, a large stack of sliced, marinated meat is placed on a spit and roasted over an open flame (gas or wood fire) for several hours. To serve, sandwich makers shave this juicy roasted meat from the stack and pile it into pita bread with lots of fresh veggies and fixings.