15 Ways to be Business Chic in Marion

woman shopping for clothes

Maintaining an air and atmosphere of professionalism is important out there in the working world. Here in Marion County, we might not be highfalutin, suit-wearing, corporate city slickers, but we do like to look spiffy.

The attire:

women's upscale resale consignment storeFind the most flattering jewelry, purses, and accessories to look the part. You cannot go wrong at Accessories by Marlena. Of course, you can’t have accessories without the sartorial necessities. Get professional dresses, blouses, and pants (all your suit-wearing needs) at Savvy Consignment.

And what’s a working man without a tie? Jack and Jill’s Menswear has ties, bow ties, full suits, and just about anything else a businessman could want.

The office:

blue Tiffany lamp with a fairy at the base

Never be late for a meeting again. Furnish your office with an elegant clock or have your elegant clock repaired at Curiosity Clockworks.

Don’t forget a whimsical lamp for your desk. A work of art. Maybe a fancy paperweight. Arts and Antiques Marketplace in the heart of downtown can provide the finishing touches to your professional look.

And if you need the desk – or office supplies, Adams Office Supply and set you up.

The other “office”:

man and woman golfing

We all know deals are really struck out on the green. And this is Marion County, West Virginia, so there’s plenty of green to choose from.

The working lunch:

Impress your business partners with a tasteful lunch at Mama Di Roma, where the meals are sophisticated as well as delicious. 

However, there’s something to be said about having your “usual.” You know, a place where everybody knows your name (and your order). McAteer’s Restaurant is the kind of place you can go to every day and it never gets old.

Take a break from the stress of the job and treat yourself to a lunch at Colasessano’s. Is there any good reason not to indulge in a Marion County classic? 

And to get through that upcoming meeting, stop at the Joe n’ Throw for their most caffeinated drinks, one being the creamy Nitro cold brew. Or keep a bag of Stone Tower Joe beans by the office coffee pot. 

The team:

bar at Muriale's Restaurant

Don’t forget about all the people who make your business success possible. Bring your team together for educational sessions and team-building activities at Mountain Creative. Or recharge during Trivia Night at The Rambling Root

And when that success is achieved, when the deal is reached and the day is done, take your team out to celebrate. Muriale’s is as chic as it gets with cocktails and tiramisu.

What’s your favorite office necessity? 


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