Ever wonder what the college kids are doin’ now-a-days? Really, what do college kids do when they’re not in class, not studying, not working for tuition money, not spouse hunting?

If you’re new to the college scene…

Or, for those of you who might be going to college a little late…

Or, you just want to relive the memories, but forget…

Or, if you never got the chance to go…

Discover the world of college kids- after hours!

Imagine, you just got done with class— a boring intro to sociology course, notes, homework, the whole bit. You sit enveloped in the overstuffed couches of the library. Doing what else? Texting, making plans, getting ready to get far away from campus!

The guidelines? (Yes, there are always guidelines!)

#1 Get your homework done, or better yet, find time to do it later.

#2 Plan around work and class… or get someone to cover.  And keep in mind, a true college kid would never skip class. If you don’t go to class, you’re not a real college kid. It’s all about the labels… and the Hamiltons.

#3 Lastly, any activity must be close, convenient, cheap and super cool! Such as:

· Yep: close, convenient, cheap, and cool. Dairy Crème Corner, or DCC, has a crazy variety of food served in enormous amounts. And, they’re open late for the stereotypical night owl college student!

· Schedule, routine, planning— all very important to the successful college kid. Every Wednesday night, The Gatherings morphs into 216 Monroe Café. Go to study, or take a break with your college colleagues. It’s close, convenient, caffeinated and very cool; can’t ask for more.

· Do you have a boring wardrobe? Or maybe you’re just bored with your wardrobe. Have an ugly backpack, last season, ridiculous? Rue 21 has a lot to choose from, so procrastinate your homework to find something cute to carry it around in! Or, try the Tuscan Sun Spa for the latest Vera Bradley items. Too mainstream? Aspire Uniqueness will keep you from fitting in, but staying stylish.

· Morgantown is famous— nay, infamous— for attracting college age kids to all the fun nighttime activities. Marion County college kids instead enjoy trips to or delivery from The College Lunch or a few games at SOL Billiards.

· It’s 2 a.m., and as stated before, schedules are so vitally important. It’s time to make a weekly trip to Wal-Mart! For what? Anything really!

· Lots of food, lots of amazing food, and it’s not a Sam’s Club box of Easy Mac. On a college budget? Mi Pueblo has the hip, ethnic ambiance and the hip, helpful prices for college kids, plus an outside deck!

· It’s not always in the budget, but Applebee’s– a few times a semester- is a  must do.

· Tired of textbooks? I know, dumb question. Get something good at Kerri’s Korner— fresh and new downstairs, or experienced (and magical) upstairs. It’s kind of like Narnia. There’s obviously some history there, but it’s brand new to you!

· It’s a rainy day and you skipped dinner to avoid walking outside to the cafeteria… you and about one hundred other college residents. You need lots o’ food delivered fast and for a good price. Call in for some Chinese eats- Ken’s or Happy Garden. You really can’t go wrong.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, a quick summation of the typical college kid’s life post-class. Basically, a succinct list of my life for the past three years. Give it a try and see what you think! It worked for me!

What would you add to the list?