The Disc Golf Life

man throwing green disc

Frisbee. Ugh. Golf. Yawn!

Frisbee is basically playing catch, which any 4-year-old can do, right? And golf? Well, what more is there to say?

But maybe if you combine the two…

No worries. It’s already been done.

disc golf basket

Disc Golf is a game where you throw a Frisbee-like disc into multiple metal baskets while using as few throws as possible to make it in.

Through my very detailed research on the sport, I learned that people were playing disc golf before 1969 when the first official tournament was held. Then, in 1974, the USA got hit hard by disc golf and had tournaments throughout, pushing the sport into the World Frisbee Championship (why did that even exist?). Then and penultimately, the game was played on the first permanent course ever (which was in California).

After 1982, the Professional Disc Golf Association began offering world championship events. Finally!

Aside from the history, I stumbled upon some interesting facts.

#1 Someone invented the frisbee. It didn’t just exist.

#2 What I have always called ‘disc golf cages’ are actually called ‘disc golf pole holes,’ invented by the same guy who thought up the frisbee. Coincidence? Apparently not. (He thought the game of frisbee needed an upgrade, too.)

Disc golf is not as well known as it should be, so if you’re doubting if it’s even a real sport just check out Wikipedia. There are different disc types, just like you have with golf clubs. There are different throwing styles, just like driving styles in golf, too. And just like any other sport, it has its own confusing jargon. Stroke play, Condor, Albatross, Triple Bogey, Overhand wrist flip, Run-up. I don’t understand any of those words, which means, yeah, it’s definitely a real sport.

And where there are sports, there are courses.

man throwing a Frisbee-like disc

Play it right here in Marion! Morris Park offers two disc golf courses with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and forests. Work on your overhand wristflip during your run-up to throwing a triple bogey on the Seth Burton Memorial Course or the Orange Crush Course. (I have no idea if I used any of those disc golf words correctly.)

Enjoy the land of the park (an old coal mine) and the courses, created in memory of Philip and Rebecca Burton’s son, Seth. In wanting to create a space where his friends could gather throughout their lives, the idea of the courses was born.

Where there are courses, there are leagues. Check out the North Central West Virginia Women’s Disc Golf League, and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you how to speak disc golf. Regardless of age or skill level, meet at 4:45 p.m. on Wednesdays at Morris Park for an introduction to the sport, practice, play and fun.  

Where there are leagues, there are tournaments! Coming up fast and furious on August 26 is the United State Disc Golf Championships Doubles Qualifier. Then, September 29 and 30 is the 8th Annual Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Tournament. Hurry! There’s still time to practice and get the lay of the land – literally!

man throwing blue discIf you happen to miss it, don’t fret! There’s more: The 3rd Annual Holiday Glow Bowl will be Dec. 6 and the 15th Annual Ice Bowl to benefit the Fairmont Soup Opera will be Feb. 23, 2019. Pick your tourney and register here!

A special thanks to Professional Disc Golf Association, World Flying Disc Federation and Wikipedia for the incredibly informative disc golf information. What would I have done without you all!

Have you ever tried your hand at disc golf? 


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