For the Love of Tees!

Marion County has plenty of golf courses, just take your pick.

But isn’t there a less “traditional” way to golf?  A more natural golf course to play on?

Why, yes there is!  Disc Golf is the answer to all your problems!IMG_3443

All my problems?

Yes, all your problems!  Disc Golf has the same premise as golf, but there are no clubs involved.

(And the world breathes a collective sigh of relief.)

So where’s the disc come in?

Instead of a golf ball, a frisbee-like object (also called a disc) is used. And there are no flags to run into and no holes in the ground to trip over.  The goal is to throw the disc into a Pole Hole (an elevated metal basket) from a tee area. And just like golf, the more attempts you need the less you’re winning.

IMG_3433    Just so you’re aware, disc golf courses are not like “the green” of golf courses.  Lucky for us, Morris Park boasts two of the best disc golf courses in the state.  The Seth  Burton Memorial and Orange Crush courses- like all disc golf courses- are au naturale. There are trees, shrubs and rocks to make it even more mentally and physically  exciting!

   I can see it now.  Standing tall. The wind in my ponytail. I am locked into position. I pick up the disc, shield my eyes from the sun. Bring my right arm across my body.    Eyes unwavering from the Pole Hole. And I throw.

Did I make it? Probably not. But, sure looked good doing it!

Just make sure you actually know what you’re doing. Learn the jargon as you go and pay attention to recent rule changes.  For example, a recent change is that now the entire group must assist in the search for a lost disc.

As you’ve probably gleaned, disc golf includes multiple players. Like golf, it can also be a solitary sport.

I like the options, but … do you have to be a certain height or have extra long arms?

Blog author: Leah Nestor

Blog author: Leah Nestor

This isn’t like basketball or swimming. The beauty of the game is that it includes all age ranges, all physical levels and can be played by people who are specially-abled or disabled. Plus, it knows no economic status; courses are free and to get a disc costs less than a restaurant bill. Better yet, you’ll never get a vacation from disc golf. It knows all geographic locations; courses are all around the United States, Finland, Germany and just about anywhere else!

So how do I start?

Get a disc from here.Get help in choosing the disc fromhere or here.  Learn the basics. Take a trip to Morris Park and get some practice.  Once you’re in love with the sport- which won’t take long- sign up to WV PDGA or PDGA and enter some local tournaments.
All that’s left to do is PLAY!

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