Not for Everyone

Something for everyone here in Marion County?


Get on our level!

We get it. Not everything everywhere is necessarily for everyone.

As much as we like to pride ourselves on Marion County events being suited for everyone, it might not always be the case.

Different strokes for different folks… or something like that. Some people can handle the fun, and some people can’t.

Heston FarmThe Funny Farm  April 25

Heston Farm is hosting an improv comedy event! For those new to the lingo, that’s “improvisational comedy.”  Along with Fearless Fools and the VTC Comedy Troupe, a delicious buffet (catered, of course, by the renowned Foxfire Restaurant) will be served.

*Some people can handle the hilarity. And some people pee their pants.

Tea Social  April 26 & 27 (and May 11)PF Tea

Bottoms out and pinkies up! As America was approaching its first centennial, enthusiasm for British tradition arose. This brought the revival of afternoon tea (a ladies social event). Re-revived by Pricketts Fort! RSVP.

*Some people can handle the Brits, and some people can’t stand ‘em.

CanoeThe Great Canoe Race  May 3

It’s a competition of strength and wits, balance and navigation.  Paddle down the Buffalo Creek and push past those turtle people to gain your rightful spot as the winner! (You can see why this might not be for everyone; it’s only for winners.) B.Y.O.L.J. (“Bring Your Own Life Jacket”)

*Some people want to be just like Pocahontas; some would rather go on a cruise. (They’re probably just afraid to lose.)

WV Accordion Concert  May 17Michael Bridge

The 2013 Canadian Digital Accordion Champion, Michael Bridge, will be performing at the Knights of Columbus. Bridge represented Canada at the Roland V-Accordion Festival International Finals in Rome, Italy last October. He fuses classical, pop-rock, jazz and world music… using the accordion.

*Some people understand what Digital Accordion playing is, and some people should stop guessing.

WhispersWhispers in the Wind May 25 & 26

Pricketts Fort wants you to hear the voices of those who lived and died on the frontier (performance by actors from Town and Gown Theatre Company). Seating is provided in the cemetery. Tickets are $4 per person, with only 60 seats per show.

*Some people can face their fears. Others hide under the covers with monster spray.

Latin Dance Night April 19th & May 17th Latin Dance Night

This is a first for Marion County!  The increased demand for Latin foods, popular celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Pitbull, the Zumba craze! It was only a matter of time before authentic Latin dance reached our feet. Brought to you by Marion County’s own
Dos Hermanos II!

*Some people can dance the year away, and some people we just feel sorry for.
**Takes place every THIRD Saturday of the month.

Once you have broadened your horizons with these new events, sit down to a nice meal, which also may not be for everyone.

If-you-are-brave-enough-to-drive-in-the-snow-you-are-brave-enough-to-tackle-this-PokyDot-breakfastPoky Dot  He-Man Trash Can Lid.

Blog author: Leah Nestor

Blog author: Leah Nestor

Everyone can get behind not littering, but this particular trashcan is certainly not for everyone. Why? Well, because it’s a trashcan lid filled with food. (Don’t worry, it’s a clean trashcan lid.) This is only for those special people who love breakfast foods with a passion, literally can’t get enough of them and have an unmatchable ability to eat.

*Warning: Not for wussies.


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