7 Places to Celebrate National Hot Dog Day in Marion County

man preparing hot dogs

West Virginia is a place known for trains, coal, mountains and pepperoni rolls. One delectable item that is sometimes forgotten – HOT DOGS!

In West Virginia, hot dogs aren’t just barbecue food, they’re a religion. And we think we have the best!

Nowhere in the country can you get a better hot dog than in Marion County, WV.

Yann’s Hot Dogs

hot dogs and chocolate milk

Yann’s Hot Dogs and chocolate milk

Fairmont has a special little hot dog stand that seems to have been around as long as most of the town. At the end of the “Million Dollar Bridge” is a small little shop called Yann’s Hot Dogs. Russell, the owner of Yann’s Hot Dogs, has been serving up these delicious dogs and slinging hot chili sauce since the 1960’s.

Don’t let this small restaurant fool you. It has one of the area’s spiciest chili sauces that is out of this world. The chili sauce is cooked for hours to get it as close to perfection as anything can get. And of course, as a West Virginian favorite, you will need a couple chocolate milks to soothe the burn from of all the spice.

The walls are covered with autographed pictures and funky signs that HEAVILY suggest that asking for ketchup is a huge no-no in this place. Russell believes in creating hot dogs the way that they were meant to be eaten: sauce, a few raw onions and a squirt of mustard. Nothing more, nothing less!

Wright Dawgs

Wright Dawgs

Wright Dawgs

If you want some of the best home-cut fries you have ever had, Wright Dawgs is the place to go! They slice ‘em, dip ‘em and spice ‘em with seasonings that bring out the flavor of the fresh-cut fries. (They even have sweet potato fries… Yum!)

Their dogs are customizable with any topping you want. From a plain dog to nacho dogs, they’ll do it! Their buns are soft and steamy, and they have a large menu to choose from. They also have “deep fried dawgs” to simulate a grilled flavor and texture, pepperoni rolls, fresh chicken wings and much more.

In a 2015 hot dog competition, Wright Dawgs won two out of three categories – Best in Show and Best Sporting Dog (judged cold)! We’re not the only ones who think these are some pretty great dogs!

T&L Hot Dogs

T & L Hot Dogs

T & L Hot Dogs

Located in downtown Mannington, this hot dog joint is a must stop. Known for their great hot dog sauce – in mild medium or hot – it makes for a great topping for not only hot dogs but for their loaded baked potatoes and pepperoni rolls. Add an order of their famous fresh cut ribbon fries.

Their menu extends beyond hot dogs to include hoagies, pizza and burgers – like their Husky Burger where Oliverio’s mix peppers, mozzarella cheese and bacon are added to an all-beef patty.

But leave room for dessert because they have a great selection of sweet treats. Hint: get the brownies.  

Woody’s Hot Dogs

Woody's Hot Dogs

Woody’s Hot Dogs

This is one of Fairmont’s nostalgic places to stop for some great hot dogs!

The hot dogs are amazing. The sauce is simple, yet flavorful. They have 3 styles of sauce: regular, medium and hot. And their signature slaw is tangy and sweet.

In addition to dogs, they have pepperoni buns from Colasessano’s.  

The atmosphere is full of WV history, from old photographs to the older diner decor. The staff is friendly and quick. They are always busy, but your wait is never long.

Simply put, this is an amazing local place.

ATT’s Place

att's dog

Hot Dog at Att’s Place

Their hot dogs are where its ATT!

Back in the day, ATT’s was as a popular lunchtime spot for the students (East Fairmont High school, which was probably one of the last schools to have an open campus allowing students to leave for lunch.)

ATT’s has a nice selection of standard lunch fare on their menu, including customizable hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, pepperoni rolls and french fries.

They also have some great daily specials that you can’t pass up, including potato salad and mac ‘n cheese. Their delicious hot dogs are their main draw, but also their prices! A hot dog with everything is only a little more than a dollar. Definitely a great bang for your buck!  

Hometown Hot Dogs

Marion County is a bit unique in that we have two restaurants with basically the same name. One restaurant is located in Fairview (Named the 2015 Best “Working Dog” (re-heated hot dog) in Marion County) and the other in White Hall. But both serve up great dogs!

In addition, you will also find other local favorites such as sandwiches, hoagies and pepperoni rolls.


What’s your favorite way to top your dog?  

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