Fall Fun

Put away those swimsuits! Throw out those flipper floppers!

Quick, find a hat and a light jacket! It’s almost fall, which means less sunshine, less green, less life.

So what are we gonna do? Just sit around, watch our tans fade and become Vitamin D deficient?

I say… No way!

Marion County has fun, fall flings to offer! Good for both adults and kids attempting to survive the crisp breeze of the fall funk.

· It’s not too cold yet. It’s just right!

Make your way out to Coal Country miniature golf and batting cages. It’s cooling down, and that means no sweat, no stink, no musk!  And for a little more added spirit – Coal Country will be in full Halloween regalia throughout October.

· Wind your way through the miles of rail trails throughout Marion County and enjoy the cool breeze and spectacular color.  Don’t you just love the smell of fall?

· And for when the temperature drops a little lower…

Take a trip to Morris Park. Hiking the trails and Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf course are sure to keep you warm!

· Looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy a fall evening?  Bundle up, bring a flashlight, a thermos of coffee, and a folding chair and head to Valley Falls State Park for the Northern Saw-whet owl migration.  Banding stations will be in place at 8:30 pm.

· Got energy to burn?

Did your little ones accidentally get a hold of your nice, warm cappuccino from The Beach Coffee Company? Go on down to Wave Tek playground and trails so they can work off that caffeine-induced energy!

· It’s late, you’re bored inside, but it’s cold outside.

Get a fire pit, some ‘mallows, grahams and chocolates. Just one more amazing thing to look forward to as the weather declines. There isn’t a better fall activity to beat it!

· Now it’s starting to get cold outside.

Pick a weekend to find the best indoor activities at Valley Worlds of Fun! Take your jacket off and strap on a laser tag vest; or, harness yourself into their indoor rides! Run around or spin around in teacups— something for everyone!

· Brr, its cold out here!

It’s finally that time of year. What are you going to do?  It’s certainly too cold to be outside. When you’re finished for the week, thaw your body and exercise your muscles at Skate A Way.

Regardless of the decreasing temperature, we’ve got fun places and activities to keep you warm and happy!

What is your favorite fall activity?