How to Fall (alphabetically)

water falls surrounded by fall leaves

The majority of people are uncoordinated enough that no one really needs instructions on how to physically fall. 

But instructions on how to fall well… well, that’s something different. 

We here at the Marion CVB take autumn very seriously! With much *accidental* alliteration, I’ll show you how to fall well in Marion County… a tray of three desserts and a cup of coffee with a plant in the background and a red sectional couch

  • Boots, beer and baklava

Get your cute boots at A Pied, one of the newest stores town. They specialize in all things shoe: cute boots for both guys and gals plus cute flats.

The Rambling Root and Short Story Brewing are the go-to breweries in town. Stay tuned for fall flavors!

Baklava used to be hard to find, but no longer! The Grape Leaf has multiple types of baklava, fancy Mediterranean tea, and Turkish coffee for the perfect fall feel.

  • Leaves, literature, and lattes

You won’t need to look anywhere specific for fall leaves. West Virginia will be covered soon enough. But take a drive out to Valley Falls State Park, rent bikes at Pricketts Fort, take a stroll through Morris Park or hike the rail trails for some festive fall colors. 

Comic Paradise Plus has all the action and adventure you’ll need for a fun fall evening inside and out of the cold.

Pecan Pie, Honey Hippie Mocha, and Peanut Butter & Jelly lattes at Joe n Throw add to both the warmth and deliciousness of fall. 

  • Pumpkin, pita, and pranayama

When I say pumpkin, it should be understood that I mean pumpkin spice. And that, like leaves, can be found pretty much everywhere. 

Indulge in a Pumpkin Gingerbread Sundae at Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station. Nothing tastes like fall more than warm homemade gingerbread, pumpkin ice cream topped with hot caramel, whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg!

Yes, The Grape Leaf is on this list twice. But how else can you scoop up all that deliciousness from hummus to tabouli? 

Main Street Yoga offers specific seasonal classes to prepare your body and mind for all the fall. two women sitting at a table eating a salad and soup with drinks and a roll between them

  • Sweaters, soups, and scarves

Savvy Consignment sells in-season brand name sweaters but at discount prices, so stock up!

Play soup roulette at Noteworthy Sweets. The menu changes day-to-day for anyone’s and everyone’s personal soup preferences! Roasted red pepper soup? Roasted tomato basil soup? Mushroom and wild rice?! And to go along with it is one very noteworthy roll – and by noteworthy, I mean ginormous and delicious.

Locally designed and made scarves are stowed at Britain & Brooks, where all your (infinity scarf) dreams may come true. 

With this list in hand (or on phone), you’ll now know how to fall successfully… Just watch where you’re going. And make sure your shoes are tied. 

Be careful and have a safe fall!

What is your favorite cold-weather food?


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