Fitlife Nutrition New To Fairmont

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We are over halfway through 2020, so I’m here to check in on how those new years’ resolutions are going. My guess is, in the midst of a global pandemic, not well. Not to fret, however, as a new business located in downtown Fairmont has just what you need to jumpstart those fitness goals. Inspired by her love of fitness, Cresta Stedman founded Fitlife Nutrition in an effort to share her knowledge and change the lives of locals in Marion County.

Located on the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Fairmont Avenue, Fitlife Nutrition offers an alternative to coffee shops. This shake shop specializes in premium quality protein shakes that won’t break the bank. Stedman says “It is a healthy option for people that are always on the run that want to change their lifestyles to become healthy.”

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The best part? Each shake is a full meal replacement and only has between 150 to 250 calories! None of the shakes contain any milk and are all plant-based, which is great for our lactose intolerant and vegan friends! The shakes contain upwards of 21 vitamins and minerals, nine grams of sugar, five net carbs, four grams of fiber, and 20 grams of protein. One smoothie has the full nutritional value of a 1500 meal; that is insane! 

Ranging from flavors such as banana, chocolate, vanilla, orange, wild berry, and everything in between, Fitlife Nutrition offers over 100 different shakes and teas. Don’t believe me? The list of options is SEVEN PAGES LONG! 

Although the shake shop has only been open for three weeks, Stedman has already made an impact on the community. “Fairmont has never had a one-stop-shop for nutrition shakes, and the feedback we have received is tremendous.” As of now, they have over 100 people visit every week, but Stedman hopes to expand that in the coming months. orange colored shake

Moving forward, Stedman hopes to expand from just a shake shop into more of a community movement. “I want to start fitness challenges and offer fitness classes in the back room [of the building]. We also hope to do a lot of fundraisers and charity campaigns to ensure everyone has access to a healthy lifestyle.” One of their main focuses, as Stedman explained, is to help underprivileged kids and do a lot of work with local schools throughout the county. 

So whether you are on a run or on the run, Fitlife Nutrition in downtown Fairmont has everything you need to fuel your body and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. 

How do you stay fit in Marion County?

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