From Suffrage to Success

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2020 is not only the start of a new decade, but it’s the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage! That is, the anniversary of the year women’s right to vote was actually acknowledged and guaranteed in the Constitution. 

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The biggest question: how do we celebrate such a historic occasion?

Well, number one, go vote in all political elections. Women and men alike: Celebrate!

Another way to celebrate is to get involved in supporting your local women. Support strong, successful, voting women and celebrate this momentous year with fresh style and great food. 

What women? Food? Where? 

  • Bakers Nook: What’s sweeter than voting? Not much, but Baker’s Nook scones take a close second along with their Fruity Pebbles donuts, chocolate eclairs and cake pops in assorted flavors of yumminess. 2 women working at a deli making meat and cheese trays
  • Hermosilla’s Deli: What’s more American than voting and a perfectly stacked deli sandwich of various meats and cheeses? Nothing. The answer is nothing.
  • Wildflour: Be informed about the candidates at the polls and Wildflour’s menu. Get your dumpelstiltskin (dumplings, collards, and kielbasa) and your hush puppies and your chunky monkey cake (yellow cake with pudding and bananas, chocolate buttercream, banana walnut buttercream, and chocolate ganache) at the place where cute meets scrumptious. 
  • Mario’s New York Style Pizza: Voting is a personal choice, just like putting pineapple on pizza. It’s wrong, but that’s freedom. Good news: you can’t get pineapple at Mario’s. White pizza, stuffed pizza, spinach pizza plus a plethora of Italian entrees await you. 
  • Dutchman’s Daughter: There’s a lot that goes into the voting process, like pork barbecue, soup beans, salmon cakes and … wait. Nevermind That deliciousness is at Dutchman’s Daughter.
  • Health Naturally: This is where you can turn your life around like voting can turn the country around. Discover how to eat well for both health and deliciousness. 
  • Cakes with a Personal Touch: Pick any dessert you want: fudge cupcakes, loaded oatmeal cookies, cinnamon maple scones. You can’t go wrong here… if only voting were so easy.

What women? Style? Where

woman making a bow in a flower shop

  • Craft Connection: A cute artsy place to style your home and life how you want it – like voting.
  • Spa Oasis: Salt bath, salt lamps and unsalted massages are necessary for anyone with chronic pain or sleeping issues or uncertainty in who to vote for. 
  • Crystalline Events: Host a gala, a wedding, a shower, an anniversary party like maybe a… Women’s Suffrage Party?
  • Rhododendron House: Take a staycation – close to the voting polls – or get your visiting family out of your house at the Rhododendron, a beautiful and delicious b&b.
  • Marlena’s Accessories: Look good at the voting booth with beautiful watches, jewelry more fashionable than any of us and impeccably patterned voting shawls.
  • Never Enough Fabric and Quilting: Learn a new skill or buy something someone skilled already made because there’s never enough fabric and quilting just like there is never enough voting.
  • Our Country Corner: Get gorgeous decorative pieces like vintage signs, word art and wagon wheels for your home, but unfortunately, not for the voting booth.
  • Perennial Floral: Flower arrangements for any occasion (like elections) or just for something pretty in the every day and day-to-day. Remember to vote where you’re planted.
  • Savvy Consignment: Spend your money wisely, like you cast your votes, by getting all the cute clothes you want here. 2 blonde women smiling at the camera
  • Sew Chic: Sew some beautiful fabric as we sew the fabric of our country with voting.
  • Something Special: Buy something special like cow portraits, bird cages, adorable signs and rustic furniture here. Just as furniture makes a home, voting makes a country.
  • Britain & Brooks: Run to the voting polls in the cutest athletic wear made right here.
  • The Illusive Skull: The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920. Get the look, or any look, at Illusive Skull Costume Shop.
  • Stone House Lavender: Smell your way into relaxation with pillow sprays, lotions, and bath bombs. Make voting a scented and relaxing experience!
  • White’s Fine Jewelry: Enjoy the finer things in life: diamonds, gems, pearls, and an ‘I Voted!’ sticker. You can get three of those at White’s!
  • Main Street Yoga: Gain greater mental clarity to vote well. Increase your strength to vote often. 

Celebrate the incredible women of the past who got us here by celebrating the incredible women of today! 

How will you celebrate this momentous occassion?

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