Games of the Century

Are you tired of listening to SpongeBob all day?

Would you like a turn on your own iPad?

Maybe you’d like to use your phone to actually make a call!

Prickett’s Fort can solve all these problems; they’ll get your kid off his keaster and off your electronics!



Time travel.

9 pins (also known as 18th Century Bowling)

What’s the difference between that and bowling? The ninepin ball has no holes for the fingers. Good luck with that!

How to: The ninepins (sometimes cones) are placed in a diamond shape. Most pins have a line on top which can be helpful by knocking down other pins or cumbersome by getting tangled up. The scoring is much like bowling- whoever knocks more down, wins.

What if: You shrink the game?Well, there are also tabletop ninepin games. You guessed it, ball and pins are small enough to set up on a table.

Game of Graces (Girls Only! Kind of)

This is a two person game, but it gets kind of specific. Way back in the day, boys rarely played Game of Graces. If they did, it was never two boys- two girls or a girl and a boy. It was so named to as it taught children to be more graceful.

So the game: Each player has two rods. Takes a wooden hoop and make the hoop fly by pushing the two rods apart. The other player then has to catch it. The winner is the first player who catches the hoop ten times.

How to: To throw the hoop, place both rods through the hoop. Then let the hoop slide slightly down the rods and cross each other. The hoop should be on the lower end of the X shape. By pulling the rods apart, the hoop will quickly slide up and shoot away wherever it is aimed.

Wait a second: How does this game make children more graceful? Why didn’t more boys play this game? Questions only God can answer…

Pick up sticks an 18th Century original!

Today, you can buy this game in a store with multicolored little sticks for little hands. Just like colonial life, let’s make it a bit harder! No plastic, no colorful sticks. How many reeds can you pick up?

How to: Throw a handful of reeds down on the ground or on a table. Choose one and try to pick it up without disturbing the other reeds. Take turns!

Bird Calling

A game for skill and for life at the Fort.  Practice your hunting skills while winning. Whoever can actually call a bird, wins.

21st Century kids just can’t handle it…

Tomahawk and knife throwing- Only played by children of the 18th century. Distance and aim were probably deciding factors for winning.

Why not: Over the years, parents have learned a thing or two about keeping children alive. A fort helps!

Run to the Fort!

  • Aug 6 and 13
  • Games galore!
  • Must be accompanied by an adult
  • Games are on-going from 10am – 3pm

What’s you all-time favorite game?


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