Have a Sweet Time in Marion County!

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Have a Sweet Time in Marion County!

Satisfy your sweet tooth at some of Marion County’s sweetest eateries!

girl adding sprinkles to a milkshake that is topped with whipped cream and a cherry


Take a step back in time at Poky Dot Restaurant (1111 Fairmont Avenue, Fairmont)

A dining tradition since the 1950s, this funky diner has been featured on The Food Network, WV Living Magazine and Restaurant Road Show.  Order a thick homemade milkshake and find yourself listening to the whirl of an original blender, made especially for shakes back when shakes were the only way to top off a juicy burger. From mile-high meringue pies to pies of every variety, Poky Dot is a treat anytime of the day.

While you’re time traveling back in time, be sure to visit DJ’s 50s and 60s Diner (1181 Airport Road, Fairmont)

Their sweet offerings run the gamut.  In the mood for sundaes or a homemade float? They’ve got you covered. Have a taste for cake? You can’t go wrong with chocolate, carrot or pistachio. Fancy a cream pie? Try the coconut or banana. And if you are a traditionalist, you’ll want to order up the brownies, cobbler or cheesecake.

Known for their incredible pizza and pepperoni buns, Colasessano’s Pizza, (141 Middletown Cir, White Hall) also has a knack for the sweets.

With all that dough, you gotta know that they make awesome cinnamon rolls! Looking for something a little more decedent, and in keeping with Italian tradition? Try a scoop (or two) of thick, rich gelato. It’s what ice cream wishes it was!  And for good measure, take home some fresh-baked cookies.

Want to tackle the largest cones in the tri-state area, stop by Dairy Crème Corner (187 Homewood Avenue, Fairmont)

If the lines at the window are any indication, then Dairy Crème Corner is a regional favorite. Even the small size will set you back a few calories, it’s SO worth it!  Whether your preference is soft-serve or hand-dipped, size does matter. Hate waiting until fair time to get your funnel cake fix? Now you don’t have to. But Dairy Creme Corner takes even this iconic treat a step further with the Funnel Cake Sundae.  They are also traditionalists at heart, which means you can get a milkshake, float, sundae, banana split and many other sweet treats.

Satisfy your love of trains and your sweet tooth at  Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station (1024 Fairmont Avenue, Fairmont.)

Celebrate the seasons with their holiday inspired desserts: think gingerbread, peppermint, pumpkin… you get the idea. A cookie aficionado? You won’t be disappointed with their chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal raisin (which make great ice cream sandwiches, too). The real treat comes with their premium hand-dipped ice cream, used for floats, banana splits and sundaes. Take the celebration with you with a hand-made ice cream cake.

Although not a sit-down restaurant, Country Club Bakery (1211 Country Club Road Fairmont) offers a wide assortment of Italian breads, rolls, cookies and cannolis. (The bakery was started by an Italian immigrant, after all.)shelf of baked goods including cookies, donuts and pies

With shelves and shelves of baked goods, Apple Annie’s Fairmont (2600 Middletown Commons Suite 115, White Hall) is bursting with flavor. Their home-style food and famous desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

In addition to delicious daily specials, Bakers Nook (1315 Mill Street Farmington) serves up fresh baked goodies for every occasion. Featuring cakes, cupcakes, pies, and themed iced sugar cookies.

Other decadent dessert options (the most important part of the meal) can be found at Muriale’s Italian Restaurant, Dutchman’s Daughter (blackberry cobbler or hot fudge cake, anyone?),  Say-Boy Restaurant (pecan rolls to die for), Our Back Porch, and  The Fairview Diner and Bakery

Seize the moment!  Which sweet treat is your favorite?


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