Wild and Wonderful Health and Beauty

Hot Stone Massage

Some say beauty is only skin deep while others contend that it emanates from the inside out. Health experts would probably agree with the latter, where your health determines your beauty.

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand; you just can’t have one without the other. Marion County is a great starting point to pursue both.


stocked shelves at a health food store

Health Naturally


Being Well in Marion

First things first. Start out at Health Naturally. Have a personal consultation with owner and herbalist Patricia. She’ll get you listening to all that your body has been trying to tell you. For this, she’ll use the Compass Health Assessment. Don’t worry, it’s not a quiz. A quick scan of the hand and a questionnaire, and you’ll be immediately informed of the goings-on and needs of your body.

No matter what new information you learn from the assessment and consultation, with organically sourced vitamins, minerals and maybe even some flower essences, you’ll feel (and look) better soon.

But, it’s not just about supplements. Think real food. Aside from supplements and essences, Health Naturally is a one-stop shop for the healthiest foods. Get local farm-raised eggs, bacon, and vegetable filled breakfast and protein bars. Pick up some manuka honey, coconut sugar, maté, and coffee – the works! Real food will bring real health and eventually real beauty.


woman meditating

Main Street Yoga


It’s not only nutrition but activity that creates a healthy body. Along with the absolutely essential beginner’s classes, Main Street Yoga offers classes in core strength, flow and yin yoga, plus Reiki and meditation. Improve yourself, mind and body.


woman in a flotation pod

Spa Oasis


Now that your muscles have moved in unfamiliar ways, stave off the lactic acid ache at Spa Oasis. It’s the only place in West Virginia to offer floatation therapy. Soak in 1000 pounds of Epsom salt, allowing your body to soak up magnesium, giving it energy to heal, relief from pain, and lower blood pressure. Aside from all the physical benefits, it’s just plain relaxing.

And on your way out, pick up a Doterra roller of essential oils to literally bring you Motivation, Peace, Cheer and Passion whenever you need it.


mud massage

Tuscan Sun Spa


Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon is a place you can get both direct health needs and topical beauty needs met. After a relaxing massage with seaweed, hot stones or reflexology, it’s time to consider those external beauty possibilities. Bring health to your hair with a cut or trim from an expert stylist. Before you go, peruse the makeup. Brands there are made for not only the beauty but health of the skin. Plus, the women are very helpful in showing how to apply it well.


Health in Almost Heaven

In addition to applying makeup, how about applying some tiny needles? Ditch any thoughts of Botox, pain relievers or anxiety medications. Acupuncture is known to promote energy, stress reduction and hormone balance (which can mean better skin!). At Body & Mind Acupuncture, Dr. Lee combines tradition and health, which is always beautiful.

Make another Morgantown stop at Roman’s Acupuncture & Wellness, but not for another round of acupuncture. Instead, discover the infrared sauna – sounds a bit fancy and scientific for just a warm room. However, this fancy science makes a perceptible difference in comfort. A sauna makes you sweat through high temperatures, but an infrared sauna actually makes you sweat more using lower temperatures. So the benefits may very well go beyond comfort with a more efficient way to sweat! To do this, infrared saunas use a specific wavelength of infrared light to heat the body. You can detox your body and purify your skin without the 200-degree temperature of a traditional sauna. How beautiful!


Himalayan Salt Cave

Himalayan Salt Cave


Now that you’ve been supplemented, bathed, and massaged, wind down on the wild wellness quest in Bruceton Mills, where a warm, orange glow will surround you. You smell salt in the air and taste it on your lips. You hold it in your hands and feel it between your toes. All the while wounds are healing, the mood is improving, and breathing is easier, as you recline blissfully unaware.

Bruceton Wellness Himalayan Salt Cave is 3000 pounds of Himalayan Salt with innumerable wellness benefits.

For health and relaxation anytime, pick out a Himalayan Salt Lamp to go. Lauded for their sleep benefits, the atmosphere it provides will improve your nights, and subsequently, your state of being.

After a long day’s pursuit of health and beauty, and a good long walk in the mountains, your feet have earned a little pampering (and detox). Enliven also offers something fancy and scientific: Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath. What is it? A type of bioelectric medicine used to kill viruses and eliminate toxins using a certain frequency. So sit back, relax, soak those little piggies as your body’s acidity slides down to alkaline on the pH scale.


girl sitting on large rock overlooking falls

Valley Falls State Park


Natural Beauty

But there’s one last health and beauty tip West Virginia has to offer, and that is its own beauty. Simultaneously relax and get active out on the trails, in the parks, and on the mountain tops.  

So, that’s it. This is how you can get well and stay beautiful throughout Marion County and beyond to better enjoy your body and life.

Now go enjoy and be infused with the beauty of wild and wonderful!

What’s your favorite health or beauty treatment?