January: A Month To Remember

Francis and Julia Pierpont re-enactors at Woodlawn Cemetery

January is one of the most important times in Marion, historically speaking. Without this month throughout the years, Marion simply wouldn’t exist. Take January out of the historical picture and you’ve got yourself in quite the pickle.


Let’s talk about January 3, 1758.

Little baby Boaz Fleming came into the world on this very day! One day, 29 years later, he stumbled upon what he decided to call Middletown. That Middletown was the beginning of Fairmont not only as an adorable little town but as the middle of everywhere!

Not enough? How about January 14, 1842

This is the blessed month, day and year when Marion County (that’s right, the whole thing) was established! Marion County proper was created by an act of the Virginia Assembly from parts of Monongalia and Harrison Counties, and was named after General Francis Marion, of American Revolutionary War fame, known to history as “The Swamp Fox”.

Let’s go back a few years to 1820, January 19 to be exact…

This! This was the unassuming moment upon which the previous wonder couldn’t have occurred. Fairmont, this place right here, was officially established. (Boaz’s original and incredibly descriptive name of Middletown didn’t stick.)

people walking into a large home with porch

But the real piece de resistance would have to be January 25, 1814.

Marion Countian Francis H. Pierpont was born on this day to eventually and thankfully is credited for being the father of our incredible state! Without him, West Virginia may never have existed.

Now, do you see why this month is so important? January truly is more than a month just for the country to go on a collective diet.

Want more history? Check out the Marion County Historical Society and Woodlawn Cemetery (you know, to pay your respects!).

Which other dates are important in Marion County history?