Just Some Musical Tradition Going On!

Traditional Music originates everywhere and nowhere at the same time. By definition, it is the first music developed in a region— and that’s anywhere in the world. It’s composer-less, cultural and social.

barnmusic     North America is full of folk music (or root music; both are terms for traditional music). Canadian Punjabi, Cajun and bluegrass to name a few. The United States  has many forms just in itself.

But let’s get to what we really want to hear… literally.

Appalachian folk music is derived, of course, from European influences like English, Irish and Scottish. (Think fiddle. Think fiddle real hard.) Absolutely essential  Appalachian instruments include the banjo, denoting some African influence in there, too. Other instruments are the guitar and the fretted dulcimer, a creation of  Appalachia’s very own.

Our music didn’t just get us by. By no means did it stagnate and find its own end by doing nothing. No! Nothing of the sort!  Appalachian folk music created old-time music, country music and bluegrass. All this while planning its own comeback bigger than any other (including but not limited to: the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and even Michael Jackson himself!) It was the most integral aspect of the American folk music revival! Without it, what would there be to revive? You see how much it’s done!

Enjoy a full day of this traditional music with musician after musician after musician!  Scheduled performances all day long with informal jamming in the park:

  • Pricketts Fort Traditional Music Day
  • Pricketts Fort Amphitheatre
  • Saturday Sept. 20
  • 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
  • Free
  • Food available

SNEAK PEAK Performance Schedule

  • 10:00-  Jeff Fedan
  • 10:30-  Kennedy Barn String Band

    Blog author: Leah Nestor

    Blog author: Leah Nestor

  • 11:00- DAA Strumers
  • 11:30- Robert Lackey
  • Noon- Acme Tune Company
  • 12:30- Looman’s Legacy
  • 1:00- Mtn. William Strings
  • 1:30- Almost A Song
  • 2:30- Dan Cunningham
  • 3:00- Back Porch Pickers

Don’t just take your ears back to tradition. Think about your eyes! Hear the distant tunes of our culture as you tour the fort and Job Prickett House (requires a ticket).


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