March’s Perfect Day

7 ways to enjoy a perfect day in Marion County

large round pizza with toppings

If winter would end, that would be great.

I’m planning my Perfect Day for March and it requires winter to end… or else.

I have been cooped up inside trying not to get chilled with only The Golden Girls to keep me company. Although they never get old (pun intended), I need to see something other than a screen. Also, I’m out of food.

So my Perfect Day this month is going to be March 31 – yes, a Sunday! I’ll start at …


Speedway Market. This is where the best golden delicious apples are sold, plus berries and other deliciousness. To ensure my energy for my Perfect Day, I’ll probably grab a healthy hippie Bragg’s Energy Shot (sans caffeine!).

I’m going to take all the freshness out to…

walking trail through the green forest

Valley Falls State Park. I love the hills and the trees and the trails. Even though it won’t be lush and green, it will be outside and nature-y – and that’s what matters to me. My favorite trail is the Rocky Mountain Trail, which isn’t as rocky or mountainous as you’d expect. My second favorite is a more vertical descent and a nice hike back up. It’s the Red Fox Trail, but I’ve never seen a fox here. I’m starting to question the accuracy of these trail names…

A Perfect Day isn’t a perfect day without new experiences …  or pizza.


I don’t just want any new pizza experience – I want the newest pizza experience possible. So I’ve chosen Original Italian Pizza – the newer pizza place in Fairmont and somewhere I’ve never been! And I’ve already looked up their menu… White Garlic and Ricotta Pizza sounds different from the typical and hackneyed pizza norm, but I want more. Good thing anchovies is an option at OIP!

To prepare for a lovely afternoon (more to come on that later…  just be patient. Ugh gosh.), I’ll go to Assumption Records. Because their prices are legit affordable, I’m looking for an assortment of genres. I want something classical, something 80’s and something Rosemary Clooney.
OK, so a Perfect Day is supposed to be fun, healthy and budget-friendly. So far, so good (anchovies are healthy, right?). Everything has been budget-friendly, making for some wiggle room…  

Ironically, with this financial wiggle room, I’m planning for a body wrap! Tuscan Sun Spa is just the place to go to get wrapped! Is there a better way to symbolically come out of hibernation by wrapping yourself up just to emerge all the more beautiful? I think not. Plus, I got excited and interior of a church with stained glass windowsalready picked my wrap. I skipped my morning coffee, so I’ll make up for it with the Green Coffee Body Wrap.

(However, if you’re claustrophobic, check out The Better Sleep Workshop at Main Street Yoga for relaxation and, you know, improved slumbering ability.)


My beautifying treatment (or beauty sleep if you so choose) will be the perfect preamble to a perfectly lovely afternoon. Are you ready for it?! I’ll be attending an elegant event, the Fairmont Chamber Music Society’s season finale with The Almava Trio. I’m about to feel pretty dang fancy!

What a perfect end to a Perfect Day! (Check out my Perfect Day for January and February).

What’s your idea of a perfect day?


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