Let Them Eat Cake. . . And Other Delectables!


Growing up, I usually asked my mom what was for dessert, not what was for dinner. I am of the belief that every meal should conclude with something sweet. There’s nothing wrong with chocolate with breakfast!

Luckily for me, Marion County has some great options to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Oreo Cupcake

Oreo Cupcakes


Mention the word cake, and the first place that comes to mind is Cakes With A Personal Touch Plus. Linda Dudash makes cakes that are legendary in north-central West Virginia. From wedding masterpieces to themed birthday cakes, Linda’s creativity will take center stage. But sometimes all you want is a sweet treat. You can stop by the bakery and pick up a cupcake . . . or two.

You can get a traditional chocolate or white cupcake with buttercream icing or she carries a variety of 14 different gourmet cupcakes. Two of the most popular include the white chocolate chip with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream icing or the Oreo cupcake that is made with chocolate chips, chocolate filling and Oreo buttercream icing topped with a mini Oreo.

Oh, and the Plus means she also offers tuxedo rentals.


cookies and bread

Country Club Bakery


Most famous for their pepperoni rolls, Country Club Bakery also bakes up a variety of cookies and pies.

On any given day you will find lady fingers and crème puffs.  And you will also find a wide range of other traditional cookie varieties such as raisin-filled, raspberry filled, fudge-filled, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin – and the list goes on.


Scones at Noteworthy Sweets

Scones at Noteworthy Sweets


If the word sweets is in your name, then you know you’re on the right path to dessert perfection. Noteworthy Sweets is part café, part bakery. They can’t be beat for breakfast or lunch, but to a sweets eater their bakery case alone makes it a must visit.

If you want something more than just traditional pastries, I suggest you check out their scones. (This is how we get people to come to our meetings – we serve Noteworthy scones!). They also make killer cakes and do a mean rice pudding.


muffin, scone and cup of coffee

Little Red Hen Bakery


Little Red Hen Bakery got their start by selling their sweet treats at the Fairmont Farmers Market. But their popularity and the fact that they quickly outgrew their home kitchen, “forced” them into opening a bakery in downtown Fairmont. How do I love thee, with tarts, scones, fruit pies, banana bread, macaroons, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns. . . just let me count the ways.



Our Back Porch Ice Cream Donuts


Our Back Porch Ice Cream is a traditional ice cream parlor, but it’s not. How many ice cream parlors do you know who make fresh donuts. And if you haven’t noticed, donuts seem to be overtaking the cupcake craze. So if ice cream isn’t what you’re craving, then maybe a fresh donut will hit the spot.

By now, it’s pretty obvious that I love dessert. But it’s also pretty easy to see why!

So whether you are looking for “just a little something sweet” or dessert for a crowd, these 5 bakeries won’t disappoint.

Are you passionate about dessert, too? Share some of your favorite sweet treats in the comments below (recipes welcome).

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