Celebrate Summer At These 4 Popular Ice Cream Parlors

The Poky Dot banana split

If we talk summer without mentioning ice cream we wouldn’t be doing summer justice. Ice cream is a treat enjoyed year-round but never is it more delicious and appreciated than under a blazing summer sun.

Are you a fan? If so, check out these 4 Marion County ice cream parlors that are a favorite destination with locals and visitors alike.


The Poky Dot banana split

The Poky Dot banana split


The 9 lb. banana split
The Poky Dot has been THE place for great food for more than a half century.  From sundaes, to milkshakes, to floats, their presentation is as colorful as their restaurant. But their nine-pound banana split may be one of their most iconic frozen treats.

What does a nine-pound banana split look like? Three pounds of vanilla, three pounds of chocolate & three pounds of strawberry ice cream surrounded by slices of banana. Top that with chocolate, pineapple and strawberry sauces. And for the finishing touch – chopped nuts, whipped cream, sprinkles and of course cherries on top. (Bring friends!).

There is a reason this quirky diner is listed as one of the “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia” year after year.


Dairy Creme Corner large cone

Dairy Creme Corner large cone


Gigantic cones
Dairy Creme Corner takes great pride in serving the biggest cones in town. Their large cones are an amazing feat of architecture – featuring between nine and 16 swirls of soft serve ice cream.  In addition to soft serve, they also have a delicious assortment of hand-dipped ice cream.

And from all that ice cream you get such over-the-top treats as their Artic Freeze, sundaes, milkshakes and banana splits.  They even incorporate cereal into many of their frozen delicacies.


sundae with pretzels, carmel and hot fudge and vanilla ice cream

The Locomotive sundae


All aboard the ice cream train
Fairmont’s long-stand train and coal history helped create the theme for Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station. Their train-themed menu is packed full of sweet treats. Young and young at heart will get a kick out of such frozen concoctions as Whistle Stop Sundaes, Coach Car Cones, or the Pufferbelly.

If you are a little more adventuresome, order the Train Wreck – their take on S’mores. Looking for that sweet & salty combo, try the Locomotive that features pretzels, fudge and caramel. Or if you are looking for a really sweet treat, order the Polar Express with your choice of a variety of candy bars.



Dirty Worm Sundae at Our Back Porch


Summer and porches go together
Our Back Porch offers a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy summer-time treats on Mannington’s largest porch! And the best part, it never rains on the porch so the weather isn’t a deterrent!   

Banana splits, hot fudge sundaes and milk shakes are just some of the treats getting everyone excited for warm weather and the summer season. A favorite with the kiddos is the Dirty Worm Sundae. . . it’s not as gross as it sounds!


Gelato at Colasasseno's

Gelato at Colasasseno’s


Ice cream’s favorite cousin
Although not technically ice cream, Colasessano’s (known for their world famous pizza and pepperoni buns) dishes up gelato – ice cream’s Italian cousin. Stop by the Middletown Mall location to indulge in any one of their six flavors.


Summer can mean heat & humidity but luckily there is ample opportunity to cool off with a frozen treat. What’s your favorite?  Share your beloved ice cream concoction (or other ways to stay cool) in the comments below.





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