Marion County’s Crafty Corners

Now that warm weather is peeking around the corner and cicadas are starting to buzz, summer projects can begin for the brave at heart.

Whether you are looking to paint that old-fashioned china hutch with some new-fangled chalk paint or searching for a fun night out with friends, Marion County’s craft scene offers something for the artist, the amatuer, and the admirer.

Check out our ten picks for crafty corners around the county:

Mountain Creative

mountain creative 1Instead of the kids sitting inside watching Netflix this summer, why not indulge their desire to get dirty in a whole new way—with paint!

At Mountain Creative, the whole family can choose from a wide range of ceramic pieces to paint together.

The art-savvy staff will help you choose colors and designs that can help your artist side shine as bright as your ceramic masterpiece coming out of the fire!

With a love for the arts of all kinds, this shop hosts ceramic-painting, mosaics, kids’ two-dimensional painting and drawing classes, and a once-a-year fly-tying adventure for the fish crazy.

West Fork Pottery

Speaking of getting dirty, remember the feeling of clay soil between Now-to-find-some-mountain-Moonshine-or-honey-mead-to-fill-these-Perfect-for-the-18thCentury-WestForkyour feet in those barefoot summers?

Take a trip back as you learn to control clay in a fully-functioning pottery studio under the guidance of West Virginia artists.

Take one night to learn to hand-build a coffee mug to use on neighboring Stone Tower Joe brew, or take a six week class in wheel throwing as a permanent hobby.

Either way, West Fork pottery classes will shape your style without burning your budget!

Check out their weekly hand-building projects or stretch your imagination by building something new.

DaVinci and Dessert

hand-painted canvas

Hand-painted masterpiece of barn scene

Can’t stand to catch clay under your nails? Why not taste a delectable dessert while indulging your inner DaVinci instead!

At DaVinci and Dessert, artists will guide you and your group of friends through a step-by-step acrylic painting, while offering the chance to add your own unique watermark.

Amateurs are welcome here, and guests may bring wine, adult beverages and snacks along to satisfy their stomach and their creative genes in one setting!

This relaxing intro to art can also be a crafty way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Buy gift certificate for your creative aunt. Both private and public art lessons are on the menu for this delicious treat.

The Tattered Daisy

Maybe DaVinci and Michelangelo don’t fit your “homey” vibe in Tattered Daisydecorating your abode. How about jumping into the fabulous world of shabby chic decor?

At the Tattered Daisy, both the aspiring artist and art collector can find handmade items to make and buy!

This upscaled stone structure contains enough chalk paint and wooden signs to make your heart sing and your nose smile with the scent of a handmade gingerbread candle.

For those who want to know the how-to of this decorating craze, craft nights offer lessons on handmade cards and barn-sign paintings to gift a special someone or showcase in your own crafty corner.

Our Country Corner

country corner 1Shabby chic decor and fancy florals also make an appearance in this historical building included on the National Historic Registry.

Shop for stained glass Tiffany lamps or piece together your own floral creations in style as you smell the locally-made candles straight from Grandma’s kitchen—including blueberry muffin and salted caramel popcorn.

The florals here are placed to help customers piece together their own daydreams so each creation can be unique.

With a healthy mix of new and old, handmade and heirloom, Our Country Corner offers decor choices for the inspired decorator to make a house a home.

Arts and Antique Marketplace

After envying those Facebook posts detailing your friends’ newarts and antiques2 designs, you may decide to update your own decor with a blast from the past.

Take a trip to the Arts and Antiques Marketplace to find over 80 vendors and three floors of period pieces, vintage hats, and new artists’ collections waiting to ride home with you.

For the crafter, a keen eye will find popping pieces to renovate with the buyable chalk paint or pair with a painting from a local artist.

You may take awhile to explore this store’s hidden gems, but happy is the hunter who finds love at first buy here!

FLU’s Store

flu store 2Still looking for the perfect piece of furniture to redo? Want to work your spray can and real tan at the same time?

FLU’s store has new and used furniture ready to fancy-up or country-down for your latest crafty and affordable creation.

Want to try something more exotic for a project? A painted sawblade? A reconditioned rifle? They also offer tools, appliances and guns ready for a paint-brush, wash-down or power-up!

Fabric and Foam

In case your craving to create doesn’t extend to a hunt for new fabric and foam 1items, what about reupholstering your own treasures?

Fabric and Foam has over 45 years of business savvy to help you in your hunt for the perfect brocade or plaid to pull over those ancient chairs.

With a staff skilled in all your sewing needs, you can even see a staff member pull out a tablet to help look up a Youtube or Pinterest video for your project how-to.

Beyond upholstering fabric, they will also refill those sagging cushions for you.

Fabric and Foam also carries low-priced quilting material and panels to help you make the perfect quilt for the back of your recently reupholstered furniture!

Crystal’s Custom Creations

decorating store

Crystal’s Custom Creations in downtown Mannington, WV

Cozied up in Mannington, this hidden gem of a store will provide you with examples of how crazy creative Marion county people can be!

Here at Crystal’s you can find accessories for any decor scheme, homemade soaps and jams, and enough baskets to fill any floral piece you can dream up!

Find some homemade lotion to soothe those aching feet here because your crafting adventures are almost complete!

The Craft Connection

After you’ve let your imagination fly this summer, you may decide to
craft connection 3
to admire what others have made, while giving your brain a rest from the world of Pinterest.

At the Craft Connection, local gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but always with a lot of heart.

Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis

Here you can find books by local authors, homemade dog biscuits, and enough primitive house decor to light up your house just like your smile after spending time in Marion County’s crafty corners!

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