Marion County’s Homiest Places

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It’s tough being new in town, far away from home and everything you once knew. Transplants and college kids have a lot of emotional stress added to their plates aside from school, work and trying to make friends. But Marion County makes the transition a little easier.

The homiest places are right around the corner!

2 women sitting in high back chairs in front of large windows

The Broken Egg: This place is more than comfort food. It’s comfort atmosphere. Get a protein-packed breakfast like ma used to make or a chicken and biscuits like grandma’s – you’ll feel at home here.

Going to Assumption Records is like sneaking into your older sibling’s room. You know, because it’s just too cool for you. But Assumption owners Noelle and Patrick Kolb think you’re cool, too. Peruse the store for those hipster vinyl covers to haughilty display in your new place or pick titles based solely on the quality of music – if you have a record player. (If not, stick to cool covers.)

To grandmother’s house we go! At Arts & Antiques Marketplace, not only can you see all the vintage and retro stuff collected over a lifetime, but you can do fun art projects like chalk painting and painting on canvas.

Take a quiet moment to yourself to reflect on this new phase of life. The Little Red Hen is the perfect place to sip your tea in a rocking chair as you watch the people walk by. A sticky bun never hurts, either!

Mountain Creative is just like painting way back when you were a kid. Instead of painting a picture, you actually get something useful out of it! Gnomes, narwhals, coffee mugs, lightswitch covers and plenty of other decorations and items are waiting for your artistic eye.

man riding bike with baby on back and woman riding a bike

If you spent the majority of your childhood outside, then you’ll feel right at home in Marion County. Run around Palatine Park, bike your way through Pricketts Fort and explore the trails at Valley Falls. It’s even homey outside!

Speaking of outside, who isn’t right at home with a nice game of mini golf? It’s practically a universal activity that makes for the fondest of memories – especially in Marion. Coal Country Mini Golf is fun, quirky and informative! After you’ve (hopefully) won, head to the ice cream shop for a victory Avalanche. Dairy Creme Corner is a Marion summer staple that will either make you feel at home or it will make you want Marion to be your new home.

Childhood and the feeling of home is more than fun and ice cream. Say-Boy’s knows that and gives it to you in homemade desserts like big cupcakes with a glass of milk – basically, love.

If you’re looking for a home cooked meal, look no further than Sagebrush Round-Up. Regardless of whether country dancin’ and singin’ reminds you of your home and family, you’re family to the good folks at the Roundup. So enjoy the atmosphere, the performances, and the goulash!

Remember those educational field trips as a school-aged tot? Field trips aren’t quite homey, but they are familiar! Learn more about Marion, more about raptors and more about the West Virginia Raptor Rehab Center on your next field trip around town.

country sings

The question remains as to how you can get your home to feel as cozy as the whole county. Make your new apartment or residence hall feel like home by doing a little shopping at Craft Connection: pottery, country chic decor and homey touches are yours! Don’t forget the homey candle scents like gingerbread, pound cake and/or roasted espresso for a perfect replication of home (or Marion County).

There are so many aspects of Marion County that feel like home, remind you of the good times and put you at ease.

What else would you add to the list?

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