Marion Remote is your guide to living and working remotely in Marion County, WV

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Telecommuting, often referred to as remote working, teleworking, working from home, and flexible workplace, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel to a central hub, such as an office building, warehouse, or store. The pandemic has moved this concept from a dream at best to a necessity in many cases. Therefore, the workspace is no longer just in the office — it’s wherever you are. 

So if you can work from wherever, why not work in the Middle of Everywhere?flight of beer

There is a reason Marion County is known as the middle of everywhere. Hitting the trails, enjoying the local flavor, and exploring the area’s rich history are some of the many reasons we love calling this place home.

 With modern technology and our broadband infrastructure, you can not only live in the middle of everywhere, but you can work from here as well.

Marion Remote is your guide to living and working remotely in Marion County. Whether you currently have a remote job or are temporarily relocated out of the office, we invite you to call Marion County home.

Located in north-central West Virginia, our proximity to Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, PA and Baltimore, MD, and countless other major metropolitan areas, we are only a short drive away. So whether you need to be in the office for the day or visit friends and relatives, Marion County is centrally located to make the commute quick, easy, and effortless. Need to venture a little further from home? Marion County is just a 20-minute drive to North-Central West Virginia Airport, Morgantown Municipal Airport, and the Fairmont Municipal Airport is in our backyard. 

Now that you know where we are, here are some reasons you may want to call Marion home. 

  • Companies are hiring employees anywhere in the world.
  • Our coworking spaces act as hubs of productivity, community, and technology, offering excellent network connectivity and opportunities to meet others who work in many industries.
  • You’ll experience less stress, greater morale, and more satisfying family life.
  • No longer enduring long, stressful commutes with traffic gridlock. 
  • A more flexible lifestyle.
  • The cost of living in West Virginia is very competitive, especially in Marion fishing in a river with waterfalls in the background
  • There are plenty of outdoor adventures throughout the Mountain State.
  • Living in West Virginia, you get to experience all of the seasons.
  • Your salary in West Virginia will go much further than it would in most other parts of the country. 
  • Marion County experiences low crime.
  • Quality healthcare with WVU Medicine, Mon Health, and MVA Health Centers leading the way.
  • Higher education opportunities (and jobs) are available in and around Marion County with Fairmont State University, Pierpont Community & Technical College, and West Virginia University
  • In Marion County, there is a rich immigration history. People here love the outdoors, have a unique perspective on the arts, and have a culture you will love to explore. After all, we are home to the pepperoni roll
  • In addition to remote working, you will also find numerous opportunities to create a business, start a profession, or offer your services in the public sector.
  • You’ll no longer have to stare wistfully out the office window hoping that those sunny days will extend into the weekend; you can experience them every day.

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Sold on this lifestyle? It is pretty appealing. The idea of waking up and living your life in a way most suited to your personal and professional goals sounds almost too good to be true. PSA: this way of living is possible for you, no matter where you’re at in life right now.

Whether you’re returning to the office, working from home, or looking for a career or lifestyle change, we encourage you to come for a visit; who knows; you may not want to leave.

To learn more about working remotely in Marion County, visit You really can live here and work there. 


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