Meet Marion! It’s National Travel and Tourism Week

Valley Falls State Park in Marion County, WV

A man walks into a bar …

… and Marion County goes gangbusters! Travel plays a big role in America’s economy— and ours, too. Join us as we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week from May 7-13.

Common “cents”
There’s a whole lot more to tourism than you’d think. In fact, it’s a vibrant force in our national economy. How much? Well, America’s travel industry brings 11.2 percent of all exports to the world. What’s more, it’s resilient. Of all sectors impacted by the 2008 recession, this one has recovered the fastest.

Now for the personal part. If you think about it, travel has incredible range. You arrive to your destination, park the car, and treat yourself to ice cream. Then, your motel doubles as a base of operations for museums, boutiques, diners, state parks, and whatever catches your fancy.

That’s a lot of interaction for one person! Now, add that to every American who will travel and book hotel rooms this year. It’s an industry that really does connect us together.

Faces of Travel
Going on a business trip or vacation? Imagine all the new people you’ll meet! In fact, the theme for this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week is “Faces of Travel.” Human interactions really make our vacations complete, after all.

Adding local color to your trip is easy. For starters, head to our very own Convention and Visitors Bureau website for trip information! Or stop by the Marion County Visitor Center for tips on where the locals play in Marion County and across the state. It’s just one way you’ll meet some “faces of travel” in Marion County.

Here are some others:

  • Parks and recreation. Chat with a ranger as you search for waterfalls, make a friend at Main Street Yoga, or challenge another family to a round of disc golf.
  • Marion County meals. Order authentic Italian cuisine from family-owned restaurants. Who knows, maybe somebody will share a recipe with you. Or ask local bakers about pepperoni rolls and their role in West Virginia culture!
  • Specialty shops. No Marion County antique store, gift shop, or boutique is the same. What “faces of travel” will you encounter as you browse for treasures?

We hope to see you soon!