4 Fab Hiking Trails in Marion

2 females jumping over a stream surrounded by rocks and trees

Hiking is nothing new to Appalachia and those who love her. West Virginia has some of the most incredible hikes, the most beautiful views, and exciting landscapes. You can go anywhere and find a great trail; that includes Marion County. Regardless of where you are in Marion, you can access great hiking. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to go to experience our Mountain Mama. Whether you’re looking for something strenuous or something serene, we have something to suit.

man walking with poles in the woods

  • If you want hills, rocks, and wild animals, Valley Falls State Park is where you want to go. Some trails will lead you up, up, and away to impressive waterfalls and refreshing heights. There are trails that will wind you around the state park, linking old and new trails. There’s more to these trails than bear tracks and footprints. The trails were designed for advanced mountain biking, so get ready for the ride of your life. If you’re not after a workout, go ahead and park at the bottom. The falls are there for anyone and everyone, regardless of skill or ability. Picnicking, sunbathing, playing, and restoring your soul are popular activities at the falls. Want to do more than stare at the beauty? Kayak the falls!
  • Looking for a walk down memory lane? Pricketts Fort State Park is perfect for both a stroll and remembering the past. The fort is a reconstruction of the original one that housed settlers and their customs. It’s striking, educational, and right next to the McTrail. Significantly flatter than almost anywhere in the state, the trail is paved and surrounded by trees. Running for three miles along Pricketts Creek, the trail connects to the Mon River Trail for long, serene rides, runs, or long walks. It’s perfect for taking the kids (they’ll love the 1200-foot lighted Meredith Tunnel!), walking the dog, or biking to one of the other trailheads in Marion. You’ll see runners, walkers, bikers, and maybe a furry animal or two.lady walking her dog on a park trail
  • Some people enjoy a forest-filled hike, while others prefer a paved walk near dirt and leaves. Morris Park gives you the best of both. A paved 1.3-mile path provides a walk around the park with the perfect number of hills. Bring the kids along and stop at the playground, go for a run, or bike around. Or take the route less paved! Winding around and paralleling the paved trail are the hiking trails. Feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere while being in the middle of everywhere! Turn your hike into a disc golf tournament with your friends. Pick from either the Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course or the Orange Crush Course. The trails go through 18 disc golf stops each. 
  • Interested in a treasure hunt? See the county while you search for the Gadgets of Marion County or the Murals of Marion County. If you like to see buildings and cityscapes while hiking, this geocache trail is the perfect one to pick. You have 15 routes that lead to an interesting gadget in an interesting place. You’ll see the stores, the people, and the products that make Marion so cool. Pick from easy, moderate, or difficult caches with easy, moderate, or difficult terrain. 

This isn’t the county’s complete list of hiking options, but the top picks for many Marion hikers. There’s probably a trail near you wherever you happen to be in the county. So get out and get lost in nature!

What’s your favorite Marion County hiking trail? 


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