Drop The Sweets

yoga pose

Drop the cookie. Put down the brownie. Back away from the cake.

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to get your rear in gear for that ubiquitous, eternal, hackneyed resolution of getting healthy. However, January doesn’t make it easy, does she? I guess it’s assumed that if you can stick to a workout schedule and other “lifestyle changes” through the roughest part of winter, then the rest of the year will be a piece of … celery. (Yeah, just wait, it’ll catch on.)

Although Marion County is pretty outdoorsy and receives its fair share of winter weather, we have our ways around the snow and the cold to complete super fun workouts. (I stand by that description.)

Main Street Yoga– This is the place to regain your peace of mind and strength of body.

Hess’s Gym– Locally owned and brand new, the Hess brothers charge just $5 a day.

Fairmont Fitness– The longest-running (pun intended) gym around has swimming pools and hot tubs.

Falcon Center– As part of Fairmont State University, the gym at the Falcon Center is sure to keep up with changes in athletic equipment to maintain their athletes’ physiques and yours.

Crossfit Intense– Try some workouts that make you harder to kill. There is also a community gym for anyone who is not worried about assassins.

Next Level Fitness– With a one day pass for just $10 and at least two classes offered, guests can be sore on any weekday of their choosing.

Nautilus Connection– A one-two punch. Get your gym and nutrition in one fell swoop.

The Challenge Center– Aside from a full-service gym, dance off the pounds. PiYo off those love handles. And pilates your way to a new you.

FRMC HealthPlus+ Fitness Center Owned and operated by the area’s Fairmont Regional Medical Center, you know they’re doing it right. Once you’ve exercised to your heart’s content, jump in the pool and schedule a massage. For visitors, keep your fitness tracker on, because the short walk back to the hotel should at least count for something.

Health Naturally– When healthy means more than just exercise, fuel up with the cleanest food in town. Supplements, oils and of course, deodorant are all useful additions to a healthy resolution.


kids working out

FRMC HealthPlus+ Fitness Center


So don’t let this sub-zero, slush of a winter end your resolution in month one! Just remember, if you can get through winter, the rest of the year will be easy as … kale.

What’s your New Year’s fitness resolution? 

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