October’s Perfect Day(s)

scary vampire in a Halloween display

We’ve gone through quite a few seasons this year with our Perfect Days. And it’s time for another one!

It’s October and that means fall is in full swing – and so is another Perfect Day.

My perfect day in October is literally any Wednesday. There’s a reason for this specific day, but I’ll tell you why later… 

To start the day, I’ll have a nice fall breakfast of apples, nuts and chia seeds over warm oatmeal. Noteworthy Sweets knows how to *make* a crisp fall morning! 

It’s only now the beginning of fall, but I’m aware that it’s getting colder with each passing day. 

clothing display featuring a rust colored sweater, cream and brown scarf and a tan skirt

Savvy Consignment has the sweaters I’ll need. A Pied has the boots I’ll need. And Britain & Brooks has the scarves (and mittens!) I’ll need. 

With warm clothes to counter the crisp mountain air, I’ll head out to Valley Falls State Park for the now glorious trees filled with oranges, yellows, reds and browns.

The beginning of fall also means it’s the beginning of the holiday season! (Well, sort of.) I’m headed to Illusive Skull Costume Castle to pick out my Halloween Costume. I don’t know what I’ll be yet: maybe a crayon or a princess or a cartoon character or … Suggestions are welcome!

But October is about more than candy and costumes… I think. The Grape Leaf is a perfect fall staple. I mean it has leaf in its name. Plus: falafel – falafel. And there’s soup! Falafel and soup make the perfect fal combo.

The beginning of fall sadly signals the end of summer. I’ll make one last mad dash for ice cream! Why not combine the best of both worlds with a pumpkiny spicey ice creamy treat. And we have some options for just that… 

There’s old fashioned pumpkin pecan pie ice cream at Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station.

Get a pumpkin pie avalanche at Dairy Creme Corner – only until Oct. 13!

For something less pumpkiny but just as autumnal, try Dairy Kone’s smores blitz or a butterscotch marshmallow shake. 

But maybe a fall pick- me- up is in order? For that, get the hand-dipped cappuccino crunch at Little Dippers.

a woman in a black bikini floating in a large pod containing water with a purple light it! The salt pods are filled with hundreds of pounds of magnesium to destress your mind and body. The water temperature is set to match your skin’s temperature, making you feel like you’re floating through fall.

Now for the grand finale of my Perfect Wednesdays… The Rambling Root is serving up Halloween movies and Halloween beers every Wednesday! Kids Halloween movies start at 6 p.m. and horror movies start at 9 p.m. So I’m going at 6 p.m. 

It all ends with a movie/beer bash on Oct. 30 with every Halloween beer they unveiled throughout the month! 

And that’s how you fall into a Perfect Day in Marion!

How do you enjoy a perfect fall day?

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