Discover a Marion County Pepperoni Roll 

hand holding a hoagie with a glass of beer and a salad in the background

There is nothing more West Virginian than a freshly baked pepperoni roll. This year, celebrate our state’s 158th birthday with the delicious Appalachian delicacy created right here in Marion County!  

As an idea that developed deep in the Marion County coal mines in the 1920s, pepperoni rolls have become one of the little-known treasures of our state. The classic pepperoni roll that we all know and love is made of a soft white yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked in the middle. During baking, the fats of the pepperoni melt, resulting in a spicy oil that infuses into the bread. Embellished with cheese (locals usually use shredded mozzarella or provolone) or filled with Italian-style peppers, each chef has their unique recipe, so be sure to try them all in the “Pepperoni Roll Capital of the World.” 

man in white apron holding a tray of baked pepperoni rolls

Country Club Bakery

Sticks of pepperoni and bread were staples for miners to take underground for their grueling workdays. It wasn’t long before Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro, an Italian immigrant and coal miner, decided to bake the pepperoni into the bread for a more convenient and satisfying lunch. The pepperoni roll became so popular with Argiro’s fellow miners that he soon quit the coal mines and opened Country Club Bakery in 1927. Today, the bakery’s signature pepperoni rolls are baked fresh daily, ensuring that every roll you buy in their store was made within the hour. Craving a taste from home? Country Club Bakery offers shipping throughout the country! 


You’ve heard about pepperoni rolls, but what about pepperoni buns? This unique take on our favorite snack can be found at Colasessano’s World’s Famous Pizza and Pepperoni Buns in Fairmont. The restaurant, which was opened in 1950 by Flippo and Filomeno Colasessano, serves its buns in several ways. From the classic pepperoni bun to its “Everything” bun filled with housemade meat sauce, provolone cheese, and Italian-style peppers, Colasessano’s buns are not your typical pepperoni roll. Since they are buns, the pepperoni is baked in sliced bread (think hoagie, but better) and is larger than the traditional pepperoni roll. Stop by one of Colasessano’s locations in Fairmont or order online and have the buns shipped to you. 

Short Story Brewing 

Name a better combination than craft beer and a salty snack? You can have the best of both worlds at Short Story Brewing, a family-owned craft brewery in Rivesville. The brewery’s take on the pepperoni roll can be found at their restaurant, Small Press Kitchen, relatively new to the pepperoni roll scene. Savor their freshly baked loaded pepperoni rolls in the brewery’s taproom or grab a half-dozen to-go and enjoy an adventure. 

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Bakers Nook

Stop by Bakers Nook for a taste of an award-winning pepperoni roll. The bakery was recently named the 2021 Queens Choice Winner of the Professional Pepperoni Roll Bake-Off at the 12th Annual Three Rivers Festival. This crowd-pleasing creation can be found at the restaurant’s Farmington location. 

Mark your calendar for the annual West Virginia Three Rivers Festival. With activities like the Professional Pepperoni Roll Bake-Off (come hungry because the public chooses the winner) and the World Championship Pepperoni Roll Eating Contest, food connoisseurs will be in a pepperoni roll paradise. 

Add a little pep to your West Virginia Day with a pepperoni roll tour of these Marion County restaurants. 

Which do you prefer, sliced or stick pepperoni? 

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