Marion in May is a Perfect Match

men and women in green t-shirts in food eating contest

It’s finally time for another Perfect Day!

It’s very obvious to everyone, I’m sure, the week that I’ll choose to have my Perfect Day… Festival Week!

The WV Three Rivers Festival is this month, and I cannot wait for cotton candy, rides, and weird entertainment. But, there’s a problem: the festival is four days long! There are cotton candy, rides, and weird entertainment every day at the festival, so what day would be the most perfect?

It wasn’t an easy decision, but I decided to go with May…


people in the midway of an outdoor festival

The last day of the fair will be my Perfect Day in May ❤️

Because I’m a good planner, I’m still going to go to the festival at least one other day. That’s when I’ll ride all the rides and play all the games, ensuring I don’t miss anything.

My day at the Festival won’t start until noon, so … In the meantime, I’m going to start my day with some peace and quiet near Mary Lou Retton Park. The rail trail is close by, and what with all the wonderful West Virginia trees, it will be a cool, shady hike. (Feel free to find a rail trail near you.)

A breakfast stop is always necessary (mainly in the mornings, but also whenever). If I’m going to fit all my activities in, it will have to be quick. I’ll definitely get a coffee from the Joe n Throw, but will I want a muffin or a scone? Thank goodness The Little Red Hen is right next to them for possible scone needs.

I figure I can get some shopping done at Savvy Consignment. It’s spring and way past time for a light, flowery spring wardrobe. This is definitely doable because the prices are pretty perfect and the clothes are, too. (I might not be able to get a whole wardrobe in a morning, but I’m sure gonna’ to try!)

Now, it’s time for some interesting entertainment from Bear Hollow Wood Carvers! I’m pretty sure it’s exactly as it sounds, but I can’t say for sure. This is a completely new experience for me – and very accurately described as “art revved up.” Check out the videos here!

(Just a quick PSA for all the parents out there. This day is also Kids Day in the Park (Palatine Park) with costumed characters and educational fun.)

Dark haired woman in blue t-shirt holding a very large chocolate ice cream cone

If there’s time – and I’m hoping there will be – I’ll pop on over to Dairy Creme Corner for something delicious, summery and cold, namely ice cream. I love the Tiramisu Avalanche and the Fruity Pebbles Avalanche with raspberry ice cream specifically – perfection.

Now, at 3 p.m., there’s the tiniest of problems. The illusionist’s show starts at 3 p.m. and so does The North American Strongman Appalachian Team Championships! Maybe I’ll go to half of one and half of the other, or get my exercise in by going back and forth. (With all that exercise, maybe I’ll participate in it next year… because that will go well for sure.)

Let’s not talk about exercise anymore and talk more about food…

The World Championship Pepperoni Roll Eating Contest is back! I’ve seen these world championships eaters featured in documentaries, and trust me, it’s even cooler in person. I got to see the previous World Championship Pepperoni Roll Eating Contest in 2017, and it was EPIC!

(Just so you all know, the Wave Pool at East Marion Park officially opens this weekend. But I think I’ll save that for another Perfect (summer) Day.)

A quick summation of my Perfect Day in May: trees, clothes, crazy entertainment plus ice cream equals perfection.

How would you spend a perfect day in May?



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