A Perfect September Day

8 ways to spend a perfect day enjoying Marion County

It’s September, and that means we’re about to have our ninth perfect day in Marion County!

Last month, we traversed the county on John Mark Shaver’s Perfect Day. Not that he didn’t do a great job, but I’ll take over the itinerary for this month’s perfect day because…  it’s my birthday month!

Not much is happening in town on my actual birthday, so I’ll just have to celebrate all month long!

Although the Perfect September Day should be Sept. 6, I’ll include Saturday, Sept. 14 for its wide assortment of events… 

pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, sausage gravy & biscuits and fried potatoes served in the lid of a trash can

  • Birthday breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To start the celebration and the Perfect Day off right, I’ll head to The Poky Dot. I’m not even going to attempt the He-Man Breakfast Challenge served in a trash can lid (4 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 sausage patties, 4 pancakes, 2 biscuits with sausage gravy, fried potatoes, toast, and ham. Instead, I think I’ll attempt – and successfully so, I’m sure – either something sweet, the White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes or something savory, the Ham & Eggwich Dagwood, a Poky triple-decker original. 
  • A morning walk through Morris Park would be nice. But this won’t be any walk; I’ll be checking out all the drives, flexes, black aces and blow throughs at The Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Tournament! It should be more exciting than golf, but probably not as exciting as… 
  • Cakes with a Personal Touch! A birthday month cupcake is a necessary treat, especially when it comes from Cakes with a Personal Touch. A maple walnut bacon cupcake? A burnt almond cupcake? A cupcake filled with fudge? All three may be necessary for the celebration.
  • To be outside as much as possible, I’ll get lunch at Wildflour. They’re pretty new with a pretty patio. A deviled egg salad sandwich, a salmon cake sandwich or a You’re Kielin’ me Smalls Kielbasa sandwich all sound just delightful! people playing instruments outdoors in front of fort
  • As previously mentioned, I’ve decided it’s best to enjoy the summery weather while I can, and so I’ll go to Pricketts Fort next. After taking in some of the traditional tunes, this being my Perfect Day and their Traditional Music Day, a perfect birthday month calls for a birthday bike ride! I’ll rent a bike, hit the rail trail and enjoy what’s left of this West Virginia summer. 
  • If I should need more traditional tunes and a home-cooked meal, Sagebrush Roundup would be just the ticket! Their weekly country show features multiple country acts plus country cookin’.

So that’s just one Perfect Day of my Perfect Birthday month. 2019 has gone by so fast; we only have three more Perfect Days left. Enjoy the year and Marion while there’s still some 2019 left!

What would it take for you to have a perfect day in September?

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