Prep (for) School

14 ways to transition into a new school year

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Every beautiful West Virginia summer must come to an end eventually, and summer’s end is coming ‘round that mountain pretty darn fast. 

And that means the educational preparation phase must begin! Regardless of whether you’re going into fifth grade, high school or even college, this list is bound to make that transition a little easier. 

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Start with the necessities:

Adam’s Office Supply has all the school supplies you’ll need. From very specific sizes of portfolios and types of pens to crayons and fun stuff. No matter your grade in school this year, they can help you make the grade. (How punny!)

Scope out some study spots:

The Grape Leaf recently opened with comfy couch seating, Turkish coffee, and falafel – all the studying essentials.

Get some caffeine and fun flavors at the Joe n Throw while you study – or plan to study. And for those hectic mornings, get it to go (like a Nitro Cold Brew, a pour-over or a dirty chai). 

Any Marion diner will provide the quaint and studious Luke’s Diner atmosphere for your Rory Gilmore studying habits. (Check ‘em out here!)

pile of organic snacks

Don’t forget your lunch:

Health Naturally has all the packable foods you need: sweet treats, sodas, chips, yogurts. Sounds like your typical lunch box menu, right? Except their food is made with healthier alternatives and organic ingredients. Have a clean conscience as you pack your lunch (or your student’s lunch) with clean foods. 

A homemade main course is a must for any good and filling lunch. Little Red Hen will make it for you! Get pepperoni rolls made from scratch plus all your breakfast needs (scones, bagels, coffee cake, deliciousness!).

Don’t forget an apple for your teacher! Speedway Market has that and plenty of other fruits and veggies to munch on. Dabbling a deeper in nutrition? Enjoy a meatless Monday with all their vegetarian options, too!

After school snacks are necessary for any age, so get yours at Creekside Country Market. This is where you can get snackable cheese, meats and candies all made the Amish way!

boy in yellow shirt and boy in blue shirt with hat watching a blacksmith demonstration

Brush up on your education:

Kerri’s Korner Bookstore is the go-to place for all things education. Whether you’re a teacher, young student, old student, random person who needs to broaden his/her horizons, Kerri’s can enlighten you. 

Pricketts Fort is a cool ratio of history, entertainment, intrigue, and education. (Remember ratios? Remember math?) Jumpstart your brain with a beautiful tour of the fort, demonstrations of blacksmithing and deeper understanding of a bygone culture. 

College Chic:

Unique dorm room decor is extremely hard to come by with the convenience of Target and WalMart. But there’s another inexpensive option to set your style apart: vintage. I don’t mean new things made to look vintage that anyone and everyone can buy at some chain. I mean, hit up your local antique stores like Arts and Antiques Marketplace, Pawntiques and Sweet Memories Antique Mall. All you really need is one good vintage piece to make a room. 

With this nice little to-do list, school prep should be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, celebrate the beginning a New Grade, New You with a little something from Cakes with a Personal Touch.

Happy prepping!

How do you prep for going back to school? 

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