Resolution Makeover 2020

2 women standing on large rocks looking a water falls

So many New Year’s Resolutions, so little time. Well, I guess that depends on your perspective. We’ve got 12 whole months to get it right!

The majority of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve seen have been to treat yourself better or about self-love, self-care and essentially adopting healthier habits. These are so much better than the trite and so overdone resolutions of get fit, lose weight, eat better, blah blah blah.

I think everyone’s New Year’s Resolution for 2020 should be to change your actions, change your life.

Let’s start changing!

lady getting her nails polished


Tuscan Sun Spa. Refresh your face and your body with their facials and body wraps. Get a Quick Essentials Facial (because we only have 12 months!) and a Green Coffee Body Wrap (because we only have 12 months!).

Anywhere with a sauna… Nautilus and Fairmont Fitness both have ‘em! Studies show saunas increase cardiovascular health just as much as exercise!

Mountain Creative. Get your mind off all the silly (and un-original) New Year’s Resolutions you made and actually enjoy the year. Discover your talents and your passions! (You know, that could be a pretty cool resolution.)

2 females jumping over a stream surrounded by rocks and trees


Doing new things can scare a few people, but hear me out. Think of something new you did that you liked; maybe playing a game, trying new food, going to a new place. Think of something new you did that was difficult; maybe starting a class, playing an instrument, cooking. You probably succeeded at a few of those! With a track record like that, why not take the chance again?

Main Street Yoga. No need for any concern at Main Street Yoga. The teachers make things simple while explaining each movement and modification. Start with a beginner’s class and work your way up to Vinyasa, and then, maybe one day, warm vinyasa!

Valley Falls State Park. Hike your heart out here. Renew your mind, body, and soul. It’s quite breathtaking (in multiple ways).

Spa Oasis. Taking a bath can be a bit disconcerting. You know, when it’s not your bathtub and there’s a lid. At SpaOasis you’ve got all these things plus a super friendly staff to explain it all and assuage your concerns. After you go once, trust me, you’re a bath-taking pro.

Health Naturally. Some people who aren’t eating so healthy might not want to walk into a legit health food store, but that’s exactly where we should all be going! Get practical nutrition advice plus the reasons for its necessity in our lives and bodies.

coffee shopRejoice

Change your actions; change your life. That’s what resolutions are all about: small changes in habits whether that’s trying new things, ceasing old habits or being intentional to actually have some fun. 

Rejoice and enjoy life at:

Joe n Throw. Go make some new friends and discover the beauty of the Americano. I dare you to sit at the bar and start talking to people! 

The Rambling Root. Invite your new (and old) friends for dinner and drinks at The Rambling Root. Hear some music, make some more friends and drink something dark.

Short Story Brewing. With all those new friends from The Rambling Root and Joe n Throw, you’re bound to have a good size team for, you guessed it, Team Trivia at Short Story. 

So what are your 2020 resolutions? 


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