Road Trip?

Road Trip?  Stop here!        


My sisters and I love road trips. Our trips are usually 10 hours round trip, and for us, that’s a lot of driving… and sitting… and trees. So what we like to do to break up the drudgery, the monotony, the unmitigated pain of said road trip is to go on mini adventures!


Forget rest stops. Forget fast food. Forget packing snacks. It’s a race, a competition, a desperate search (if you have a full bladder) for small town charm… and facilities.


And look, you’ve won! Marion County is full of small town charm, with interesting places to eat, fun places to shop, and and a great sense of history.


Your first stop should be the Marion County Visitor’s Center.  Located off exit 136 (on I-79), this historic building was one of the last WPA projects in WV and originally served as the Marion County Children’s Shelter.  Not only will you discover the many attractions in Marion County, as well as throughout the state, their “facilities” are top-notch!

Time for a little retail therapy!  Be sure to visit:


Feeling snackish? Check out:



In need of a full meal? Go to:



Maybe you’re just tired of interstate driving and want to look around to sightsee on your drive.

Check out:


  • Veterans Square

  • The Vietnam Monument

  • Valley Falls State Park

  • Barrackville Covered Bridge

  • Hamilton Round Barn

  • Six Civil War Markers


Maybe you’re in need of something less artificial than the interstate? Check out nature at its most gorgeous!



Want to get out and move around?



So when you’re tired of driving— you just can’t stand to sit any longer— come right on into Marion County! We’ve got the small town, and would love to extend some southern hospitality.