September 2:


September 2: Department of the Treasury formed

The Department of the Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government. It was established by an Act of Congress on September 2, 1789 to manage government revenue. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Cabinet.

The basic functions of the Department of the Treasury mainly include:

Producing all currency, coinage and postage stamps of the U.S.

Collecting taxes, duties and money paid to and due to the U.S.

Paying all bills of the U.S.

Managing the federal finances

Managing government accounts and the United States public debt

Supervising national banks and thrift institutions

Advising on domestic and international financial, monetary, economic, trade and tax policy Enforcing federal finance and tax laws

Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders

Publishing statistical reports

The first Secretary of the Treasury was Alexander Hamilton.  Do you know the current Secretary of the Treasury?

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