The Holiday Rush

10 tips for a stress-free holiday season

lit candles decorating the inside of Pricketts fort

As if Americans weren’t already busy enough, it’s the holiday season. Anywhere else this time of year would mean the first 30 minutes of The Grinch. However, it’s a different story here in Marion! Enjoy convenient and fun lists that outline precisely what it is we need to do and all the things we know we’ll want to do! None of it is superfluous, and you won’t get kerbobbled completing it.

First up: Thanksgiving. 

Get in the eating mood this Thanksgiving with Main Street Yoga. Awakening Agni is a special holiday class to help prepare your mind and body for all the family, food, and fun. It’s an energizing 9 a.m. flow designed to stoke your digestive fire – thank goodness! 

Now you can enjoy the holiday and digest it, too!

Don’t have the energy to cook the meal which you’re now totally able to digest? D.J.’s 50’s & 60’s Diner will have a special Thanksgiving meal from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Get turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, rolls, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce and, of course, pumpkin pie. 

Next up: Shopping.

With the big holiday rush, we want you to get the best deals while having the best time!

It’s what many would call the scariest time of year: Black Friday. Brave the malls… if you dare. And if you don’t dare, save your energy for some small-town fun with Small Business Saturday!

Drink and shop local artisans at the same time! Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Or maybe you couldn’t find what you were drinking for? Head over to Rivesville Community Building for great deals and Short Story Brewery goodies.

Small Business Saturday may take some planning. You might want to go over to Main Street Yoga before you shop … just sayin’. Don’t know nothin’ ‘bout no yoga? Now is your chance to learn about it all: yoga, reiki, and AromaTouch demos. Of course, there will also be shopping with 20 percent off! You’ll find gifts for everyone here: Paula’s essential oils, Jen’s crystals, mini reiki sessions, and Dharma Yoga bags.. Ready? Set. Yoga!

Check out the Marion shops celebrating this local shopping holiday with discounts, door prizes, and refreshments. Get all your holiday shopping and decorating done at places like Craft Connection, Comic Paradise, Arts & Antiques Marketplace, Rider Pharmacy Gifts & Collectibles, and Assumption Records

Next up is… 

Have a side of history with your holidays! Visit Pricketts Fort for a glittering candlelight tour of the fort. 

Need to explore more? Marion County Historical Society is hosting its annual Holiday Historic Homes Tour on two days this year! Discover old homes, historic homes, beautiful homes, and – more than likely – beautiful, old, historic homes decked with all the boughs and all the holly!

Christmas is sweet, but Mannington is sweeter! The Mannington-Candy Christmas Celebration will be a day full of holiday spirit with Santa’s Workshop at Nativibes, Gingerbread Village at the town square, horse & wagon rides, cupcakes, parades and more!

Get ceremonial with the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Pleasant Valley. Stop by one of our many Christmas loving shops to get an ornament to decorate!

And don’t forget the quintessential Marion County holiday tradition of the Celebration of Lights. Black Friday is the grand opening! Drive through hundreds of holiday lights with family, friends, and wintertime tunes. 

Another necessary holiday shopping tradition is, of course, Cyber Monday. Hit up your favorite local coffee shop (Joe n Throw *cough cough*) with the excellent wifi and craft beer to online shop to your heart’s content! 

Once you do your shopping and have your Thanksgiving fun, stay tuned! The holiday hoopla does not take a hiatus. We’ve got traditions galore right around the corner!

How do you keep from getting stressed prepping for the holidays?

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