How to successfully break a New Year’s Resolution

The Poky Dot banana split

New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to keep, namely because once they’re broken, people consider them over and done. Impossible to rekindle the passion of Jan. 1! We won’t get into that psychological debate of the importance of following through, bypassing failure to reach success – wholly unnecessary. Moving on.

Now we certainly don’t encourage anyone to break their New Year’s Resolutions, but if that’s the direction you want to go, who are we stop you?

Marion County offers a plethora of options to not only break a New Year’s Resolution but to do with flare. Because if you’re going to break that well-intentioned, oh-so-original resolution to “eat clean,” you can’t just eat some ice cream, a piece of sheet cake, some brownies.

If you’re going to go out you might as well go hard or go home, right? Are you with me?!


Step 1. YOLO


He Man Breakfast at The Poky Dot

He Man Breakfast at The Poky Dot


Step 2. Pick your poison


The Poky Dot– You really have to decide how you’re going to break this resolution: sweet or savory? At the Poky Dot, you have the possibility of attempting to devour a trash can lid of breakfast foods or focusing your energy a banana split that more closely resembles a skyscraper. So, which is it? Other options are their incredible cheesecakes and themed milkshakes. And you may as well throw in a burger for good measure!


large cinnamon roll with icing

Little Red Hen cinnamon roll


Little Red Hen Bakery– Their main menu is pretty tame for breaking a resolution, but their dessert menu is on point. Cinnamon rolls as big as your face!This is no exaggeration. And if you’d rather devour a sticky bun as big as your face, they have those, too.


square pizza with sauce, cheese and pepperoni

Colasessano’s World Famous Pizza & Pepperoni Buns


Colasessano’s– Two locations mean double the possibilities of cheese, pepperoni rolls, pizza, and last but not least, all the flavors of gelato!


pepperoni roll production

Country Club Bakery pepperoni rolls


Country Club Bakery– Come to think of it, when you’re going out with flare, you don’t have to decide between two options. Have them both! Country Club Bakery is the home to the original pepperoni roll that also sells pies and cookies, which I bet would be great in combination. Let’s see: cherry pie and cream puffs, apple nut pie and pecan tassies, or blackberry pie with raspberry filled cookies. And that’s not all the pie possibilities or cookie options!  Mix n’ match as you see fit.


Step 3. Go. Buy. Eat. Enjoy!


Step 4. … Well, I guess breaking a New Year’s Resolution isn’t as difficult as originally anticipated. You really didn’t need instructions.


Which of your New Year’s Resolution(s) have you already broken? 


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