The Traveling Pet

The Traveling Pet

Summer is a time for adventure, vacation and family— that means everyone! So bring your furry friend, vacation days, and suntan lotion to Marion County!  Marion County offers services and fun experiences for both you and your pet.

Stay at any one of these pet-friendly hotels to prepare for your days of adventure.

· Clarion Inn

· Red Roof Inn

· Super 8

· Inn at Pettyjohn

Like people, our pets need comfort. So remember to bring what your dog or cat might need to be comfortable during the trip:

· a favorite toy or blanket from home for the ride and the hotel

· water (and a bowl!)

· a bandana to soak and tie around your dog’s neck on hot days

· suntan lotion is for your dog, too!

Other helpful items to pack for the trip:

· Soy leash (there isn’t a leash softer)

· Collar tags with your cell phone number

· Gentle Leader for a more humane and effective way to help your dog stop pulling

With your pet now at ease, reflect on the proper “petiquette”! Think to yourself, “What would Emily Post say?” Consider the other guests and vacationers to maximize the fun for everyone!

Petiquette Tips:

· Always have a plastic bag available to clean up any mess your pet might make.

· Keep your dog (or cat!) on a leash in public areas. You never know if someone is allergic or


· Bring a blanket to cover the kennel at night to reduce nervous/attention meowing or


Now that you and your pet are well rested, it’s time to explore.  You can find your first adventure at East Marion Park. FIDO’s Backyard is a 4-acre off-leash dog park that features a double gated entry, separate enclosed areas for small dogs and another for larger dogs. There is also a fenced in meadow for running and games of fetch.  Need a break?  Enjoy the nearby picnic area and benches throughout the park and a water fountain for pets and their owners.  The park also provides pet waste bags so be responsible.

Always be prepared by knowing your resources!

Veterinary Services:

· Fairmont Vet Hospital

· Middletown Animal Clinic

Share your tip for making traveling with your pet enjoyable for all.