How to Travel: 4 Steps to Planning Your Next WV Getaway

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It’s spring time, which means we can finally do stuff. Stuff that doesn’t require two pairs of socks, boots, long johns, sweater, scarf, gloves, jacket, hat and earmuffs to survive. Put on a t-shirt and jeans and you’re ready to go!

Well, not quite. If you want to get away for a little bit, that might require the tiniest bit more effort. So forget spring cleaning and start spring planning!

Step 1.

Decisions, decisions:


pepperoni roll production

Country Club Bakery pepperoni rolls


Decide what you want to do and where you want to go to do it. For example, if you’re into both hiking and food, then North Central West Virginia is the place to go. You can plan a trip around pepperoni rolls and the great outdoors.

Now that you know the what and the where, decide the how.

Marion County is the perfect middle point for both Harrison (think Oliverio’s) and Monongalia (think WVU) counties. The three of us together are the trifecta that create North Central West Virginia. With airports on either side of Marion, it’s easy to get to and very convenient when it comes to getting anywhere else. Fly into the CKB to the south of us (Harrison) or fly to Morgantown Airport (Monongalia) to the north.

Both airports support national rental car companies so exploring is easy.

Step 2.

Have goals:


bmx race

Valley Falls Challenge – WVMBA XC


Set an activities goal. Is it adventure with kayaking and mountain biking? Prefer a peaceful trip full of relaxation? Or a hiking trip full of trees, disc golf and sunshine? All three goals sound lovely and can be easily done, but you just have to know what you want.

Set a financial goal. Regardless of whether you have a $50 budget or a $500 budget, you’ll have a good time here. But you won’t have a good time if you’re worried about your bank account.

Quite possibly the most important goal of all is the food. The goal is to try something new, something delicious and something you’ve never seen before.


painting class

Mountain Creative hosting a family function


Of course, you don’t want to leave a well-planned and successful trip empty handed. So make your own momento.

Step 3.

Have a plan:

So you know where you’re going and what kind of things you want to do. Deciding where to stay shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re wanting to hit Morgantown and prefer chains, the majority of hotels are located right next to the interstate.


house by a lake

A Nature’s Song Bed and Breakfast


If you prefer to stay put, our bed and breakfasts are located in Marion County’s small towns for an adorable Stars Hollow-esque experience.

And last but not least, if you’re the outdoorsy type, then fear not. We’ve got dirt and bugs like the best of them at Curtisville Lake and Campground.. If you prefer music with your dirt, then Sagebrush Round-Up is your better option. It comes fully equipped with country music, a home cooked meal, and dirt.

The plan is starting to look pretty solid at this point.

But, you’ll want to keep it loose. Create a flexible itinerary by highlighting a few events or places you don’t want to miss. That way you’ll have plans between events, but if you get sidetracked in the throwing pottery in the local coffee shop, it’s no big deal when they’re missed.

Step 4.


Now that you have all the particulars worked out, all that’s left is to bring what you need or get it here.


2 bikers on trail in fall with dog

Mon River Rail Trail


For example, if you’re going biking, bring some bikes or rent them. If you’re going out on the water – whether at Palatine Park or Valley FallsWood’s Boathouse has what you need.

What’s left?

Don’t forget a toothbrush. Mom always said to have a clean pair of underwear. Cell phone. Charger. Wallet. Body. And you’re ready for your next adventure!


What adventure are you planning?


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