What I wish every visitor knew about Marion County

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What I wish every visitor knew about Marion County. This statement was posed recently to some North Marion High School Students. Here are a few of their responses.

What I wish everyone knew about Marion County is the food. If you’re lucky, you can find little pieces of Heaven scattered all over the county. If you want something fancy, you can go to Muriale’s murItalian Restaurant. From their cheesy steak hoagies to their saucy spaghetti. If you’re looking for a more casual dinner you can to to the Dutchman’s Daughter. I promise that they have the best country-fried steak I’ve ever had – and don’t get me started on their mashed potatoes.

If you are looking for a sports night dinner, Hoops Cafe is the best place for this. They have TVs on every wall playing our local favorite games. Hoops has the best selection of wings with very clever names and some of the best juicy burgers – perfect for game day!

Most everyone knows West Virginia is home to the famous pepperoni rolls. But what everyone might not know is that the best in the state are found here in Marion County. Country Club Bakery prhas the absolute best pepperoni rolls known to man. I will defend that statement until the day I die. Not only do they have freshly baked pepperoni rolls every day, but they have freshly baked bread and cookies of every type. I highly recommend this hometown bakery.

Maybe if you’re lucky enough, you can catch some of the Mannington Fair food. Not only will you enjoy the family fun, but you can also try some footlong corn dogs, deep-fried Oreo’s or some delicious lemonade.

As you can see, when you visit Marion County you’re going to have a hard time choosing where to dine. Happy eating!
Written by Morgan Straight

I wish every visitor to Marion County knew how naturally beautiful vfit is. We have many breathtaking views including Valley Falls, the Fairmont skyline and the wildlife. Valley Falls looks so pristine during the fall months; the orange and yellow leaves against the crisp water is indescribable. Also it’s easy to tell the Fairmont skyline from others because of the wonderfully built High Level Bridge and the County Courthouse. Lastly the wildlife is like no other. Your chances of seeing a wild squirrel or deer is almost as likely as seeing another human.

The people of this incredible county truly make it what it is though. We care not only about our county but we care about each other as well. In my opinion Marion County has some of the biggest and purest hearts. If you are thinking about visiting, I highly recommend it and grab a Mario’s roni roll while you’re here.
Written by Breanna Lewis, grade 11

Marion County, West Virginia is a beautiful place for natural hobbies.  Fishing, hunting, biking and walking are enjoyed among beautiful scenery, fresh air and peace and quiet.  If, however, nature itself does not peak your interest, there are plenty of activities and places to go for the exciting and adventurous.

The Mannington and Wave Tech pools, along with an abundance of splasparks and the Fairmont splash pad, welcome energetic children and parents hoping to relax to fulfill their desires simultaneously.  The Mannington District Fair is a week long tradition that attracts people from all over the county and even state.  This is the perfect way to end anyone’s summer that wants thrilling rides, fun games and delicious (homemade) food.

Including food, we host plenty of places that represent the south.  However, there are a multitude of restaurants that are not yet well known enough that open your palette to something new.  Fujiyama in Fairmont is as real as you can get with local and Japanese food.  Their sushi is definitely worth trying at least once.  Pufferbelly’s, the Poky Dot, and Muriale’s – also in Fairmont – are each unique, pdknown for great sandwiches and ice cream, huge banana splits, and great Italian food/wine.  If you’re in need of a pick me up on the way through town, stop by the Joe N Throw for good coffee and the shop next door for organic foods, teas, and homemade crafts (Health Naturally)..

Marion County is more than first meets the eye, housing people of all ages, everyone is sure to find their place.
Written by Chloe Barber, grade 11

Marion County is the home to such beautiful scenery.  As you sit on just a simple park bench, your bodily senses come to life.  Birds of various colors race through the sky, flapping their wings as if playing a flightful game of tag.  The sound of water splashing on the rocks of a riverbed illuminates your ears.  Flowers of vibrant colors surround you and fill your nostrils with their sweet scent.  The wind blows through your hair a you sip on your cup of homemade sweet tea and munch on a pepperoni roll.  All is peaceful, and that simple park bench has become your little piece of Almost Heaven.
Written by Geneva Baker, grade 11

The one place in Marion County a visitor should know about is PFPricketts Fort.  It is a great, meaningful piece of history.  The fort is from the 18th century and it provided settlers with protection from indian attacks and the surrounding wilderness.  Among the historical significance to the county, there are numerous activities at the fort.  Lead by volunteers dressed in period clothing, there are demonstrations of blacksmithing and candle making.  For the children, there are goats and sheep used for wool at the fort.  Tours are given for visitors to experience the life of our ancestors.  Come visit Marion County and see Pricketts Fort.
Written by Elizabeth Kocsis, grade 11

What would you like for visitors to know about your hometown?

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