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disc golf

Shame on you! I’m talking disc golf here.

         Disc golf has the same premise as golf, but there are no clubs involved. How is that possible?


Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Instead of a golf ball, a frisbee-like object (called a disc) is used. And there are no flags to run into and no holes in the ground to trip over.  The goal is to throw the disc into a pole hole (an elevated metal basket) from a tee area. And just like golf, the more attempts you need the less you’re winning.





Just so you’re aware, disc golf courses’ plantlife is not like “the green” of golf courses.  Lucky for us, Morris Park boasts 2 of the BESTdisc golf courses in the state.  The Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course  and Orange Crush — like all disc golf courses— are au naturale. There are trees, shrubs and rocks to make it even more mentally and physically exciting!


Tournament at the Seth Burton Disc Golf Complex - Morris Park

Tournament at the Seth Burton Disc Golf Complex – Morris Park


Just make sure you actually know what you’re doing. Learn the jargon as you go, and pay attention to recent rule changes.  For example, the entire group must assist in the search for a lost disc.

As you’ve probably gleaned, disc golf can include multiple players. But like “traditional” golf, it can also be a solitary sport.


Disc Golf pad

Disc Golf pad


I like the options, but do you have to be a certain height or have extra-long arms?


This isn’t like basketball or swimming. The beauty of the game is that it includes all age ranges, all physical levels and can be played by people who are specially abled or disabled. Plus, it knows no economic status; courses are free and to get a disc costs less than a restaurant bill. Better yet, you’ll never get a vacation from disc golf. It knows all geographic locations: courses are all around the United States, Finland, Germany and just about anywhere else!

Disc Golf can be played year round.


Disc Golf in winter

Disc Golf in winter


So how do I start?


Getting started is simple:


Once you’re in love with the sport, which won’t take long, sign up to WV PDGA or PDGA and enter some local tournaments.

WV Disc Golf Association


Speaking of tournaments, you’re are in luck. September 17th & 18th is the Seth Burton Memorial at Morris Park. Join the competition or watch the pros in action. Either way, it will be an exciting couple days.


Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course

Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course


To help the newbies or hone the skills of the seasoned player, Zach Melton will be at Morris Park at 6 pm on Friday the 16th to offer tips and techniques. Zach is a 2-time Seth Burton Memorial champ, so he knows his stuff! Plus there will be a Fly Mart from 5 – 8 pm so that you can get all the necessary gear to play like a pro.


disc golf player

Zach Melton from Team Prodigy


What do you like most about disc golf? Any tips to share?


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