Brunch is business! Vote YES to give our community a boost.

Your “YES” vote on the Brunch Bill can give our community an economic boost— a big one.

Eat-•-Drink-•-Repeat.-Its-easy-when-you-follow-our-Food-Taste-Tour-or-our-Mountain-Moonshine-MorThe bill allows restaurants to begin drink sales at 10 a.m. on Sundays instead of 1 p.m. for brunch. It’s a small shift, but it means big money for our area.

“Brunch is business, and not passing this bill will hold our local businesses back,” said Leisha Elliott, Director of the CVB of Marion County. “Our restaurants deserve the opportunity to stay competitive with our neighbors who have already embraced the economic boost from this bill.”

Those economic benefits are proven. Every single participating restaurant in Charleston has reported a revenue increase since the bill passed there Aug. 7. The extra time attracts more customers, and drink sales mean those customers spend more, too.

“It has created a great economic surge, as well as a better customer experience,” said Alisa Bailey, President & CEO of the Charleston CVB. “Since there is more time, there is not the ‘crush’ of customers at 1 p.m., which makes the dining experience better for everyone.”

Neighboring cities with competing restaurants, like Morgantown and Clarksburg, have already passed the bill.

“We’ve already seen across the state, people will drive to other cities for brunch,” Leisha said. “Visitors expect brunch, and plan for it. We can’t keep that money in our community if people can get what they want 15 minutes away.”

Our county commissioners believe in the power of our community to make this decision. Our economy is in your hands.

Your vote matters. Support local businesses! Vote “YES” Nov. 8!


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