Heather’s Haven

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Short term cabin rental through Airbnb on the Tygart River in Fairmont. The cabin brings guests from all over to... View Article


A Pied

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scenic fall view of a lake and trees


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The community of Worthington was incorporated in 1893. It is the namesake of Colonel George Worthington, an early settler of... View Article

large brick building with flags in front

White Hall

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Located in the heart of North-Central West Virginia, the town of White Hall became incorporated in 1989. The Town of... View Article

small town beside river


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A former coal town, Rivesville is located on the north-west bank of the Monongahela River and is said to be... View Article

large black stone engraved with information about a mine disaster


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The name Monongah is a derivative of Monongahela, the river just north of the town. Incorporated in 1891, Monongah was... View Article

barrel filled with flowers with a wooden sign above the flowers

Grant Town

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Established in 1901 with the opening of the Federal Coal and Coke Company coal mine, Grant Town was named after... View Article

large white welcome sign with red letters for the Town of Farmington


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Named after the large number of settlers who were farmers, Farmington is the hometown of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and... View Article