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Marion County Visitor Center

Pleasant Valley, WV

Restructured from the former Marion County Children’s Shelter, the Marion County Visitor Center has a rich history. Standing tall since 1941, the original building was one of the state's Works Progress Administration’s (WPA) final projects. When the historic site was in the pathway for the construction of the Gateway Connector, the efforts to preserve it began.

The building wasn’t sound enough to be moved in its entirety, but with the help of the Federal Highway Administration, the carved stone of the exterior was used. The structure was pulled apart, chiseling out each piece, stone by stone, and re-built to welcome visitors to Marion County. The building now houses the offices of the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Marion County and Marion County Parks & Recreation Commission.

We know, that’s a lot of work. But being proud of Marion’s heritage is at the heart of our mission, and we were glad to be able to preserve a little piece of history from this place we hold so dear.

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